EARTHQUAKE Eartquake has lived many country. Many people
have died this eatquake. The most important example, 17 August in 1999 Turkey earthquake. The most effective İstanbul,
Avcılar and Yalova in Turkey. What does improve this eathquake before and after?
What is the event about earthquake now? TURKEY AND EARTHQUAKE After earthquake 17 August was nothıng old the same stil
people have continued bitter.We have to live with earthquake.The lıfe and propecty lost to become 17 August and 12 September ın earthquake.It was Earthquake has been to know event a naturel people aren’t interested, ignorant reason change in fact a disaster.
Other civilized countries take precautions. They have

known very good a fact. They know healtier, than other people.

Therefore A buildings very good are built by they along years.

Turkey hasn’t improvied. Eartquake’s reason peopel’s make to

earn more much for inadequate and not lasting buildings. We

control to live our circumference new buildings. We readiness

new an earthquake.

People Haven’t Turned Back Old Way Of Life After Many People Have Been Disaster İn The Life

Turkey lived disaster century’s in 17 August 1999.

Earthquake pulled down night at 03.02 45 second 7.4 violence

in Marmara.

Later from earthquake;


Strong buildings first argue life world bank and ministry

of public works was made buildings different between in reason.

World Bank’s buildings small cause eartguake victim, reaction.

Some company stopped construction because ; There was

economic attack in Turkey.

People buildings take delivery to be faced any with



The unemployment increase, the company closed in

Turkey. People begin to live unsuitable buildings.Turkish

engineers collected inside and outside help 10 milliard dollars

,but Yalova was given 1,5 milliard dollars by government.


Earthquake victim work percent 42.3 in 100 million

doolars in marmara.

Other result in research;

- The family’s have at home measure percent 47

- The family’s tenant measure percent 42.2

- The family’s lodging measure percent 7.7

- The family’s apatman measure percent 61.7

- The family’s hause measure percent 29.7

The investmen share got less budget’s government. Healty,

education, social, security etc. Restricted to do this department

for government. Earthquake people lived big problem. This

problem didn’t give in building’s people.

However self-criticism make August’s anniversary this

geography should make suitable building’. We are honest

opposite yourself, Therefore we become to protect our future.