Each year 40 000 Americans commit suicide. Of these 40 000, 30 000 are teenagers between the ages of thirteen and twenty. Recently society has begun to blame music, more specifically alternative and rap, for some of these deaths. People say teen music's negative lyrics force their young, innocent teenagers to commit suicide. I feel that this shows just how bad off our society is, because, it seems to me that someone is alway trying to put the blame on someone else.

Most people are looking for a scapegoat, someone to point the finger at. I find this funny, because to some troubled teens music might be the only thing worth living for.

Alternative and rap contain a mix of emotions, which is why it is so compatible with adolescents. Music soothes, gives a feeling of belonging and can help someone through troubled times.

Recently an article in the Gazette stated that Mr.Steel, a parent blames his son's suicide on Nirvana's music. He said "Cobain's dark, nilistic lyrics forced his son to end his life. I find this excuse unacceptable. If your child is dead at least try to figure out why they are dead instead for looking to point the finger at someone.

Problems like these have been around since the 80's. They started at the death of Beatles star John Lennon. After the singer's death numerous fans formed suicide pacts and many teenagers died. Authorities were at a loss for what to do. Eventually the problem died out.

Parents who point the finger at others should examine their own lives. Teenagers like these usually come from houses with neglect, abuse an alcoholic or other problems. Despite what most teens would say, everyone needs a little bit of attention. In my opinion there is no way music alone can force a suicide. There have to be other factors involved.

Maybe problems like these wouldn't arise if we could better understand the real source: Dysfunctional families. Maybe if we could break down the communication barrier, the barrier between teenagers and their parents.