Duty or Desire

Love is the essence of every human relationship. Love has different forms. One is the external love that one portrays due to the duty and the responsibilities. The other love is the love that one feels within not as a duty but as a desire. It is the love that comes from the heart in appreciation of the qualities for the person and not as an obligation. In most normal situations we would believe the true inner love to surpass the need of obligation. However in many situations when the love is tested to an extreme situation of severe torture, the torture forces the duty to overcome the desire.
In the book '1984' by George Ordeal, Winston has true inner love for Julia yet in the end the torture by Obrien forces him to love Big brother over Julia . In the beginning of the story we see Winston as a terrified person. He is living in a society that he doesn't agree to. He is a protagonist and the society that he lives in is ruled by the Big brother who is an antagonist. He works as a minor member of the ruling Party in London, under the leadership of the all-seeing and all-powerful Big Brother. The big brother's eyes are following Winston everywhere. "On coins , on stamps, on the covers of the books, on banners , on posters and the wrapping of the cigarette packing-every where the eye is watching you and the voice enveloping you
.Asleep or awake ,in bath or in bed -no escape"(p-26).
If Winston does anything out of order, a voice barks out instructions. The
Party frowns on art, on sex, on the life of the mind. Their posters warn: "Big Brother is
watching you". Every Party member knows the worst crime of all is "Thought crime":
having evil thoughts against the Party or Big Brother. Winston is also troubled by dreams
and memories of better times, inspired by secret glances form O'Brien, a powerful
member of the Inner Party. Later on he finds a companion in Julia. At first they are brought together by their mutual feelings of being rebels. Winston and Julia rebel against the Party by
having sex. But then these feelings change and a beautiful relationship begins to evolve.
Julia only had sex with the party members if he could have a real sexual relationship
with her it would be his victory over the party as the aim of the party was to not merely
to prevent men and women from forming loyalties but the undeclared purpose was to remove
all the pleasures from the sexual act." The only recognized purpose of the marriage was to
beget children for the service of the party. Sexual intercourse was to be looked as a
slightly disgusting moor operation, like having an enema."(p-57) Sexual frustration leads
to hysteria which the party wanted so that the people would throw themselves
totally to their party work.
Julia hated the inner party but unlike Winston her rebellion is confined to
this relationship. Winston's rebellion is of a wider scope through his actions and
thoughts he seeks to understand the ideas that torment him - how and why the Party has
power, and how he can help to overthrow the Party. In order to figure this out, he seeks
to learn the past, to discover a time when the Party did not hold power. His first act of
rebellion is to buy a little antique book with blank, cream colored pages, in which he
expresses his desperate thoughts. He later buys an antique glass paper weight, with a
fragment of coral in its interior. Through these small acts of rebellion, both punishable by
death, one can see that Winston wishes to understand why Oceania is the way it is, if it had
always been this way, and if it could be changed. Winston also thinks it is love like
theirs that will destroy the Party.
The room over Mr. Chariongtopn's shop is their little paradise where they
were away from the eyes of the big brother and were lost in each other. To Winston
spending time with Julia was a dream come true . She was not only the women that he
had sexually fantasized about many times but she also shared the same hatred
for the Big brother. Since the time, he had been with Julia he had grown healthier, his
ulcer had subsided ,