During the Persian Wars there were many leaders and many great battles. Themistocles who was the leader of those who had followed Peisistratus. Miltiades was driven out from the Chersonesus by Persians, and was constantly hated by the Persians. Aristides was an aristocrat who often disagreed with Themistocles. All three leaders united to lead the Athens against Persia.
During the Marathon war Sparta didn't fight because they were in the mist of a religious festival. The Persian general Datis took most of his troops and sailed for Phalerum to attack Athens form the south. During the war Miltiadies slaughtered Persians who remained on the plain of Marathon
After the Marathon War Miltidies was placed on trial for deceiving the Athenians. Themistolces left in power and convinced the Athenians that safety would be strong in their navy.
During the Greek war at Artemesium and Chalcis the fifth Persian squadron was destroyed by a storm. The Greeks fought remaining Persians and had two days of victory and the third day they were defeated. During the battle the Greeks lost seventy ships out of three hundred and thirty. It was another story on land. The Spartan king Leonidas protected pass at Thermoplye with three hundred Spartans and 6700 non-Spartans. A Greek traitor knew Leonidas plans so the traitor led the Persians behind the pass. Once Leonidas was aware of this he sent large amounts of troops to block the Persians. They fled and had Leonidas was pinned. The 300 Spartans and 700 Thespians fought to their death.
At Salamis the Persians occupied Athens and then burned down their city. At the Harbor of Salamis the Greek navy lied. The Persians tried to blockade them, but narrow striates were at their advantages. The Persians defeated and sailed from Greece with the remainder of their fleet.
In 479 BC, a war took place at Plataea. The war was against the Persians under Mardonius and the Spartans under Pausanias rules. During the time of the war, the Island of Samos successfully revolted. The City of Sestus was captured from the Persians, and the Sicilian Greeks defeated the Carthaginians.