We asked 30 kids at random from Wayne Valley some questions about drugs. Here are their answers and our comments on their answers.

1. Have you ever been at a party or at a friend’s house where drugs were being used?

Yes – 29 No – 1

This number does not surprise me at all. Every weekend there is a party or two in our town. Kids around here feel they have nothing better to do than drugs. They think they cannot have fun if they are not on drugs. Also, getting drugs is easy. There are many kids in our school that sell drugs, and people have older siblings who supply them with alcohol.

2. Do you have any friends that often do drugs? (Including alcohol)

Yes – 28 No – 2

Everybody knows that teenage kids drink on weekends, but I never knew that kids did drugs this much. It seems like almost everyone has a friend that drinks or uses drugs. These kids should try to do something about that.

3. Do you have any friends that do drugs rather than drinking alcohol?

Yes – 22 No – 8

This means that there are a lot of kids smoking Marijuana or doing other drugs. These drugs can lead to many problems in life. When people start using drugs at a young age they become dependent on that drug and can no longer function without it.

4. Have any of your friends ever pressured you into doing drugs?

Yes – 18 No – 12

This number is lower than I expected. I thought there was much more peer pressure going on in our schools. According to statistics kids being pressured into doing drugs is going down. This makes us a step closer to helping the teenage drug situation.

5. Have you ever been to a party where the parents supplied alcohol?

Yes – 10 No – 20

Parents can get in a lot of trouble for supplying alcohol to minors. If that kid gets hurt or in trouble with the cops they are the homeowners responsibility. Parents should be helping the cause rather than contributing to it.

6. Have you ever done any Drugs? (Including alcohol)

Yes – 25 No – 5

There are to many kids doing drugs in our school. The main reason for this is availability. If anyone wants drugs or alcohol they can get it delivered to their house in under an hour. If drugs were harder to get than most kids would not even bother. Some kids do not realize what alcohol does to their bodies. Consumption of too much alcohol is bad for your liver, and you can have liver failure.

7. Have you ever tried any other drugs rather than alcohol?

Yes – 18 No – 12

Kids do not know what they are getting themselves into. Doing all these drugs will ruin their lives. Although people think smoking marijuana is not harmful, one joint has 4 times the amount of cancer causing tar than 1 cigarette. Also when high on drugs your mind is unable to function properly and you can get yourself into trouble. Some drugs like ecstasy can kill you the first time you try it.

8. Have your parents talked to you about the harm of drugs?

Yes – 28 No – 2

At least parents are making an effort to control drug use. If you put it into your kid’s heads early that drugs are very harmful, there is a better chance they won’t do them.

9. Do you have any friends that Drink and drive?

Yes – 5 No – 25

Although that seems like a small number of kids Drinking and driving it is still very dangerous. When you drink you alter your vision, and your reaction time. This means if get into a dangerous situation you will no be able to react quick enough. Your judgment is also impaired and you can do things that you usually wouldn’t do. By drinking and driving you are not only harming yourself, but the people in the car, and the other drivers. There is a very heavy penalty for minors drinking and driving.

10. If a friend had a serious drug problem would you talk to an adult about it?

Yes – 29 No – 1

Its good that kids know