Drugs and alcohol abuse have become a major
problem, all over the country. Not only in the larger
citites, but the smaller, rural towns as well. I know this
as a fact, for I live in a small town. I have experienced
something that has completely changed my life. It may
not be the most touching or heart-warming story, but
thats not what matters. What matters is the fact that it
has helped me to make the absolute decision of never
taking part in the consumption of drugs and alcohol.
About two years ago, I met this girl named *Lisa.
She was the most beautiful girl Iíd ever seen. She was
sweet too. I think what I most admired about her was the
way she carried herself. She was extremely outgoing,
and I canít think of one person that disliked her. She
was sympathetic of those who were hurting and she
always had something wonderful to say to everyone she
met. We became friends. We went everywhere together,
and it made me feel happy and energetic just to be with
her. Everything was perfect, until that summer.
We started to drift apart, because after all, the
following year sheíd be in highschool. She started to
hang out with older kids with whom I had no relations.
Instead of going to the movies, she went to parties. She
hardly, if ever, returned my calls. When she did, there
always seemed to be boys there. Every once in a while,
weíd hang out, but for my age, I was restricted from all
the exciting things she got to do.
Then, one night I had my mom drop me off at her
house for an hour just to visit. She had just gotten back
from some all night rave from the night before. She
looked totally trashed. Her hair was all scraggily, and
there were dark circles under her eyes. Worst of all
though, she was grumpy. She might have still been
high, or she could have just been tired but the things she
said will ring in my ears forever.
I remember her telling me that I was fat and ugly,
and that she hated me. She wanted me to go home, but I
stayed because no one was there to take care of her. I
cleaned her up, and even made sure she didnít fall in the
shower. Then I dressed her and tucked her safely into her
bed. The whole time she yelled profanities in my face. I
gave her an advil, and she immediately fell asleep. I sat
down beside her on her bed, and waited for my mom to
pick me up.
When I got home, I thought allot about what had
happened. At that time, I didnít realize that she was
involved with drugs. I thought she had just treated me
that way for no apparent reason. I couldnít understand
as to why her attitude had changed so quickly. She had
really hurt me, and I didnít know why so it only made it
that much more painful.
After the incident at her house, I did my best to
avoid all contact with *Lisa. When I did see her, we
barely exchanged words. I guess the real reason was
because at that time, I still felt as though she should
apologize for what she said to me that night at her house.
As I now know, she didnít even remember that night.
When school started we stopped talking altogether.
It wasnít 3 months into the school year that I heard sheíd
been arrested for pot and then later sent to a rehab for use
of cocaine. I thought sheíd never come back, and I cried
for weeks. She was there for 6 months. This is the first
time that I was even told that she did drugs. It hit me
hard too. I couldnít understand as to why such a
beautiful person would put such horrible things inside
their body.
We later became friends again, but I forced myself
to remain distant. She had not only hurt herself, but
many others as well, including me. Though I went
through pain and suffering on the way, I truly learned a
valuable lesson. I had a great friend, but because of
drugs, Iíve lost this friend for life. Iíve lost the true *Lisa.
Thatís why Iíll never, ever do drugs or alcohol.

*names have been changed