Drug testing is the process of screening one’s urine (urinalysis), hair, or other
parts that would reveal the use of illegal substances. It is often used in
corporations and jobs involving the use of machinery. For years now, people
have been taking drug tests for the sake of keeping a job. These tests have
been around for nearly forty years, but the question still arises today: are they
really necessary?
It is very difficult to determine whether drug tests add or detract from
problems in society. In a case where a man uses illegal substance and
proceeds to operate a six thousand pound crane, drug tests would be a very
good method of preventing accidents from happening. However, some see it
very unnecessary to drug test a man who sweeps the floor of a supermarket.
When applying for any type of job involving the use or supervision of
complicated machinery, one is prompted to take random drug tests. The
usual method of drug testing in such a case is urinalysis. By forcing
employees to take these random tests, employers are often accused of taking
away employees’ rights. Though a place of work is not exactly a democracy,
it is true to an extent.
The rights of American citizens include something called probable
cause. In the United States Constitution, it is stated that no one shall have
their privacy invaded without a warrant issued by a law official. Some argue
that by being forced to take drug tests they are denied this right. However,
staying at a job that makes its employees take random drug tests is
completely voluntary.
Since the drug market didn’t really erupt until the early nineteen sixties,
drug tests weren’t used very oft until that time. With the sixties came hippies
and flower children, who used mind expanding drugs as a means of coping
with the stresses of the Vietnam War and everyday life. Back then, drugs
were very social and very plentiful in both urban and suburban areas.
Though they may prevent accidents in certain situations, I find it very unnecessary to drug test for some jobs that enforce drug tests. When considering whether drug tests are for the better of society, it occurred to me that they may very well be a part of the downfall of society.