Do you have any idea of how many people in America every year end up in hospitals trying to stop drinking? Do you know that more than half of those people turn crazy? Do you know how abusive person who drinks can be? Perhaps many kids whose parent or parents drink know what drinking does to them and their parents. Did you know that 90% of times when an accident happens, alcohol is a major factor? Did you know that drunk drivers are highly punished? Did you know that when you think that you are not drunk, but get pulled over by police and they give you a breth test, you might think that you are in legal limits but
you have a small amount of alcohol in your blood, you would still end up in jail for few months! In other words everyone who drinks should know their limits.
Many people drink and many think that it is fun, but most of them do not know when they should quit or when they had too many drinks. Drinking causes many different problems. Problems could be that you are becoming low on money because you drink to much or that you are getting abusive or that you become addictive and you can't quit drinking. So everyone's need is to control them selves in every possible way when they drink! If you are not a drinker your need is to help anyone you know that is a alcohol abuser. You can help them by having a conversation with them or talk them into getting some counseling. You can explain to them how you feel when you see them drink and what it does to them. It is been proven to help alcohol abusers get some counseling after someone close to them had a talk with them.
How can you know your limits? If you are one of the people that have drinking problems than you should not be drinking at all. If you don't then just whatch out when you drink so you can realize when you sturt getting a little bit woozy, and that should be your limit than. Many people know their limits because they pay close attention to how much they drink or because they know the last time they were drinking how much alcohol it took them to get drunk. Believe your friends if they ever tell you that you are acting funny when you drink, because that might tell you that that is enough of alcohol for you.
What do you think would happen if everyone of us was drinking? What do you think would your family do if you were drinking and abusing them? What do you think would happen if you lost your job but you were addicted alcoholic and you don't have any money? What do you think people would think of you if you were an alcoholic? What do you think if you lose your house and money because you are a havy drinker? Now do you think that your life would be changed in wrong direction if you were a alcoholic.
Taking action against drinking helps a lot. You can control your drinking, and if you are already an alcoholic get some counseling immediately. Help your friends get back on the right path because you can be saving their lives. Talk to your friends a lot about drinking and explain to them that it can hurt them. Know that it isn't cool when you get drunk ever, and if you can tell your friends that it is not cool to see them get drunk either. Don't let your friends drive drunk under any circumstances.
I hope that you will listen to my advice because it can help you a lot