Drinking, How fun!?

Joseph Swarengin
Dr. Walters
English 101
23 September, 1998

I am writing about how a lot and I mean a lot of kids who do the same thing, as far
as drinking goes, from generation to generation. How can you teach the lesson that it is
not safe to drink and drive when that is what half of the kids parents do. I live in Blaine
Hall at Missouri Southern State College and the guys here do the same thing over and
over. They go lift weights and take their over the counter steroids like Creatine, Pyruvate,
Weight Gainer, and so on. Then after they are done with that they wait until the evening
when the parties start and go out and get totally drunk. Then they get to come home (if
they make it) that night with their puke-stained clothes and crawl into bed still so drunk
that they can barely walk. Somehow I always miss the part where they had fun. I cannot
see how you can have fun poisoning your body until it pukes and then wake up with a
hangover and stumble through your early morning classes often doing this until you flunk.
Sometimes they donít even make it to class and in worse cases they donít even make it
I know a girl named Fred and she is the worst. ďDrinking is fun,Ē says Fred. Fred
says that she likes to drink because it makes her get over her shyness. Fred states, ď I can
go and talk to anyone about anything when Iím drunk.Ē I still canít understand where the
fun is because when Fred says she can go talk to anyone she means to say she hangs all
over anyone who will let her. Then the next day she wakes up, hopefully she wakes up,
and goes to school and gets the pleasure of hearing from her friends all of the humiliating
and embarrassing things she did last night. Fred has recently earned the reputation as an
easy girl from her classmates and old friends. Gee, that looks like so much fun I think I
would like to try that sometime.
Then there is Kim. Kim is a smart guy with a lot going for him. He is very nice
when he is sober, and likewise, when he is sober, has many friends. However, Kim is
having a hard time keeping those friends because when he gets drunk he always gets into a
fight and most of the time it is more like ten a night. Then the next time he wakes up he
has a hangover and a whole slew of cuts and bruises all over his body. You know it is kind
of hard to fight when you can barely even stand up, so every fight he gets into he loses and
loses badly. Now that he is all cut up and hurting, he reaps the benefits of the fun he had
last night? Okay. I am still having a hard time finding the fun in drinking.
Jake is a farmboy who has just turned seventeen and does not have a vehicle yet.
His parents are in great debt because of the farm and need his help so much that he canít
get a paying job to get his own car. So whenever he goes out he drives the farm truck that
he and his dad use everyday on the farm. On Friday nights Jake goes out with his buddies
and they all get drunk. On this night Jake was not lucky enough to make it home by
driving drunk. You see even though he was on a backroad that no one ever uses any more
he still wrecked. He was going down a straight stretch that was about a half a mile long
when all of a sudden he lost control and the farm truck ran and right into a tree. Lucky for
Jake it was a smaller size tree or the truck would not have been the only thing that got
torn up. However, Jake had ruined their farm truck that they depend on so much. Now his
father has no more faith in him and feels that he cannot be trusted. I think it is always fun
to wreck vehicles and get hurt or hurt someone else donít you? I mean gosh, driving
drunk is such a fun thing to do. It is great to drive around out of control and slam