Are dreams worth having, or do they just leave a lot of disappointment when they do not come
true? In Of Mice and Men, there are examples of working men with dreams that we can look at. Three of
them are George, Lenny, and Candy. George dreams of a place he owns and supports himself with. Lenny
dreams of a place with many soft animals that he can pet whenever he wants. Candy dreams of a place that
he can\'t be kicked out of. Do these dreams make them better or worse off?
George is one of many working men in Of Mice and Men, but he doesn\'t want to be like them. In
the story, the working men make little money, spend it all at whorehouses, and wander along from job to
job. George is already unlike other workers because he travels with Lenny, but he dreams of him and
Lenny saving their money and getting a little house. Along with the house, they will have a few acres on
which they will grow their own food and live off the land. This dream will come true as soon as he and
Lenny get enough money.
Lenny is George\'s traveling companion in Of Mice and Men. His dream is to live with George in his house
and raise rabbits so he can pet them whenever he wants. In the story, it shows his fascination for soft things
when he is petting a dead mouse and when he is playing with a dog that a worker gave him. George is not
very bright, but he is determined not to get in trouble before they have enough money to buy the house.
This dream seems close to coming true when George finds a cheap house and Candy agrees to give them
Candy is another working man in Of Mice and Men; he worries that because of his lost hand and
his age, he will soon get kicked off of the ranch where he works. In the story, it says that after Candy
overhears George\'s dream, he agrees to give George his $350, so he would be allowed to do odd jobs
around the house and live there. This causes him to dream of living in a little house, and knowing that he
couldn\'t be kicked out. Their plan is; in a month they will have enough money to move in and only owe a
little more. Lenny and Candy will start the house, and George will make the rest of the money. Their
dream is set to come true.
So far, everything seems to be going great, but an incident stops their dreams. In Of Mice and
Men, Lenny accidentally kills a worker\'s wife because she scares him. Lenny had to run away so that the
worker wouldn\'t kill him, but George felt he had to kill Lenny since this wasn\'t the first time he got in
trouble. George knew that the same thing would keep happening as long as Lenny was alive. This created
a big disturbance in all three of their dreams.
George and Candy knew that their dreams wouldn\'t come true. After Lenny\'s death, there wasn\'t
any way that they could fulfill their dreams. You can see that while those three men had their dream, they
had something to look toward. After their dream was crushed, there was nothing they could look toward
except the same unhappy life they were living before their dream. The question to ask now is, was it worth
it? Did those happy days with their dream make up for the heartache when they found out their dream was
destroyed? You need to decide this for yourself.