Dream Job

My personal dream job is to become an Ophthalmologist and
if not an ophthalmologist, something related to the medical field.
The medical field has always been something that has appealed to
me since I was a young child. There is much school time you have
to involve yourself in. To be exact its, four years of college
premedical training, four years or more of medical school, one
year of internship and three or more years of specialized medical
training and experience in eye care.
This isnít going to be an easy job and its not going to be easy
getting there. In the workplace you perform all sorts of activities
on the eye such as, laser surgery, diagnosis of diseases of the eye
and other bodily systems; comprehensive vision service, including
prescribing medications, therapy and corrective eyeglasses and
contact lenses; plus medical and surgical eye care. As you can see
they have a big group of activities they are able to perform. Its a
lot more than I thought in the beginning.
The definite pro to this job is the great amount of money
made in the profession. Another would be my interest in the
profession and in eye care. Then there is the amount of activities
able to be performed. I look at that as a pro because a lot of
responsibility is involved, and I donít mind the responsibility, but
it could scare others away from the profession giving me a greater
opportunity. The cons to the job would be, the long amount of
school time you have to do. I personally am really looking forward
to getting out of high school, seeing how this is my Senior year, I
really donít care to do a lot of school and wouldnít mind not
having to go ever again after this year, but I still have a long ways
to go. Other than the ton of school you must do to become an
ophthalmologist, I donít see any other real negative points to it.
I wear contacts, so Iíve been in the workplace and have been
apart of some of the equipment they use there, so I guess you could
say I do have some experience. Also, my mother is an optometrist
assistant, to where she assists in surgeryís and what not, and Iíve
been able to learn some from her and what she has told me about
eye care.
I know this is what I want to do, because I want to be able to
give my children a nice childhood and provide luxuries for my
wife and myself of course. The great amount of money made is
something that attracts me very much to the profession, because
that is what we need to make this world go round. But money
isnít the only thing that leads me on to the profession of an
ophthalmologist. I get some good grades in school, so why not try
and bring those grades over to the a profession where I can make
some big bucks. Iíve been interested in this profession for years
and the whole medical field has appealed to me since I was very
little. I canít remember wanting to be something else, besides a
professional basketball player when I was a young kid. I think I
need to decide which one to do huh. And the basketball thing just
looks a bit out of perspective. So I think that ophthalmology is
this career and profession for me.