Drama: Looking through tinted Windows

Title: Looking through tinted windows.

Setting: An inner-suburban 5-storey building named “The Forum,” with the first two floors filled with offices and the rest apartments. It is a grey building with tinted glass from floor to ceiling. It is set in Sydney, Australia in the suburb of Chatswood. The people in this building are middle to upper class. Most people rent and the population is transient.

It is the first day of spring 1989. The sun is shining down on the cleaners as they are sweating away cleaning the windows. Bob and Gary, who are brothers, are both wearing big denim overalls with tight white T-shirts exposing their beer guts and hairy chests. They have been cleaning “the Forum” ever since their dad handed the company over to them in 1986. They have many stories to tell about “the Forums” occupants.

We meet Bob and Gary whilst cleaning the second storey of “the Forum”.

(Bob and Gary are suspended on a plank held by a pulley system from the roof above. They have their water and their washers and are working swiftly.)


Had a fight with the missus last night. Ridiculous if you ask me, I forgot about a dinner with the in-laws… came when it

was over .. I was a lil’ drunk.


What’s this…the third time in the past three months? No wonder she’s upset.

(Bob knowing his brother is right as usual flicks water at his belly.)


Oy that wasn’t very nice but jeez its cooled me down.


Oh look at that…