Dr. Anthony D. Johnson

Dr. Johnson was born in Brooklyn,New York. His
father was a bus driver for the area and his mom worked at
the local post office. Since he had no role models in his
family what led him to become a scientist? One Christmas,
when he was nine years old he received a chemistry set.
That turned everything around. That chemistry set inspired
him to become a scientist.
In later years, he went on to Samuel Tilton high
school. After being very successful through out his high
school career, he went on to college. On the graduation
night from high school he got married. He was 17 years
old. He felt special because he was the first in his family to
go to college.
Now he was facing a new challenge. He was going on
to college. He went to Poly Tech Institute. While in
college he was invited to go on a trip to AT&T Bell
Laboratories in New Jersey. That trip was a big event in
his life.
Today, he is working at the research department at
AT&T Bell Laboratories. There he is studying about
lasers. His job is to experiment with lasers and try to find
quicker ways to send the phone messages through the
phone lines.