Doug McCallum

September 18, 2004

Block C

Socials 10

Question 9: Who is Surrey’s present Mayor?

The present mayor of Surrey is Doug McCallum. Doug McCallum has been the mayor of surrey for around eight years (since 1996). He is elected because the people know he will do a good job and try to keep their children safe. He is married to a Donna Van Sant (a doctor). They have four children (Karen, Kelly, David and Fraser). He has lived in surrey for forty years. One of his quotes are: "I am a 'people's mayor’- my first priority is the well being of Surrey's citizens. If I can do something to support them, I will."PARTY OF MCCALLUM These are some of Doug McCallum’s accomplishments. Since taking the position of mayor, Doug McCallum maintained his decisions in these areas, which are resulting in a large increase in new business development and going eight straight years without increasing the property tax. He has taken the liberty to find out what the people want, not what he thinks they want. On any day he finds time to meet with 10 to 20 citizens, (individually) in between speaking engagements with community and business groups, Council meetings, press interviews and Skytrain (which is sort of an accomplishment because it helps him decide what to do on other things he would like to accomplish). Doug McCallum is very committed to keeping the city clean, safe, and healthy to work, play, and live. Doug McCallum is the brain behind the “Whalley Revitalization Strategy.”