Don’t go where you don't belong!
Time and time again, the United States has proven itself to be a superpower. Our military is probably the strongest and most respected in the world. Since the United States has earned the respect of the rest of the world the rest of the world expects the United States to be their policemen. When war broke out between the Muslims and the Serbs in Bosnia the Muslims immediately called for help. Before the United States becomes too involved in this conflict, we should think about what our objectives are. The United States should not take a side in this conflict because it would be a long-term commitment, neither side is innocent of war crimes, and the hatred is too deeply rooted for the US to battle.
In order for people living in the United States to fully understand the conflict in Bosnia, they need to see it from a different point of view. Today, the citizens of the United States seem to be living together peacefully. Imagine tomorrow the Mexican Americans, a minority in Texas, decide they want to form their own country. They build a military and declare that Texas is now their country. Of course the rest of the people living in Texas would be opposed to this action. Consequently, the Mexican Americans say that they will form their own government, own schools, and own national religion. Each person living in this new country will be forced to adopt these new edicts. As soon as these demands are made, nearly everyone else in Texas will form their own military. They will fight these new laws and a war will begin. After the fighting begins, it becomes a full war. The Texans begin to take over all of the land. Feeling some pressure from the United States and the world, the Texans would try to reach an agreement with the Mexican Americans. They would say here is what we want and will accept, "All land where non-Mexican people live will be part of the United States, the rest can be yours to do what you want with.” The Mexican Americans reject this plan and call for help. Since the Mexican Americans are being beaten badly, a super power, Germany, decides to help. The Germans would state “Because they have lost so much ground during the past year, we might also have to support them with limited air strikes, in order to level the playing field and give them a fighting chance”(Weber 24). Now, to anyone living in the United States this does not make any sense.
After reading this story it is easy to say that the Germans had no business getting involved in the Texas conflict. This is correct. What was Germany’s interest in Texas? Now I ask the question, why does the United States want to be involved in Bosnia? In Bosnia, the Muslims are the minority (Bebler 16). The Muslims want to force the Serbs to live under a Muslim government, go to Muslim schools, convert to the Muslim religion, and change languages (Jahn 12). Any group of people with any pride would reject this.
The conflict in Bosnia is a very complicated issue. There are many reasons why the Serbs hate the Muslims. Despite this hatred, the Muslims, Serbs, and Croats have managed to live together peacefully for the past fifty years. After fifty years, why did the Muslim’s decide they wanted their own country? In turn, why did the rest of the world respect this request? It does not make any sense.
There are many reasons why the United States should not be involved. If the United States chooses to become involved, it would be a long-term commitment. Who is going to finance this long-term commitment? The U.S. should not decide which side is right, or which side is wrong, if both sides are committing war crimes. When both sides are disrespecting the rights of innocent civilians, the United States should not choose which refugees to help and which ones to leave alone. Finally, the hatred between the Muslims, Croats and Serbs is something most Americans cannot understand. If the United States feels compelled to intervene in the conflict they should consider these issues before making a permanent commitment.