Dollhouse/Shoebox Crime Scene Project

INTRODUCTION: Your group/CSI Team - up to three members per group- has
been assigned to make a 'dollhouse crime scene.' You and your partners will
prepare a dollhouse/diorama crime scene and bring it into class by the due
date. Your crime scene must include evidence which is to scale so fellow
classmates could analyze and "solve" the crime. Keep in mind, a diorama is
a scene that includes a model, and tells a story. Your group's crime scene
will be presented to classmates, and the teacher will evaluate its
accuracy. The final grade will be an average of a (self) group evaluation,
classroom comments by peers, and teacher analysis.

SPECIFIC SET-UP: Your group will set up a single room/area crime scene
using any dollhouse/play toys commonly found from a toy store or flea
market. Do not create a crime scene that is too big and bulky that you can
not get it to school. The crime scene should not be bigger than a regular
sized shoe box. The crime scene should include all relevant physical
evidence so an investigator could solve the crime. Your group must also
include a short paged report with an annotated list/chart of all physical
evidence, forensic tested completed, and results on the evidence presented
in the diorama.

Format for crime scene: Make it exciting! In addition to finding
appropriate content for your diorama, your group must consider presentation
format. Display the information/crime as effectively as you can. Apply
information presented in this class, along with what you have learned in
other classes and in life.


A. Report: Information - 100pts
Must Include:
Title page with name of diorama, and group member names
Report must include the following information:
Brief summary of crime. 1-2 Paragraphs
Motive for Crime
List of Potential Suspect(s)
List of Victim(s)
Complete list/chart of specific physical evidence, forensic test
completed and results of forensic tests

Example of chart:
Evidence from Crime Scene Test Completed on Item Result
#1 Shirt with Dried blood DNA Match to
Victim #2
#2 Carpet Fibers Comparison under Micro Match to
Trunk of Suspect 1's car

B. Dollhouse/Shoebox Crime Scene:
Level of Detail - 60pts Attention to detail, placement, figures,
groundwork, physical evidence
Technical accuracy - 50pts Accessories, consistency, story line
Degree of difficulty/Overall Feel - 40pts Accurately and creatively
you present the crime scene
C. Presentation: 50pts Overall presentation, how you present yourself and
your work. Can be done live or taped.

Total Project Value: 300 points

Web Sites that might help:
2. Frances Glessner Lee who created 18 dioramas based on actual case files.
(The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death)
3. (crime scene
4. Google Searches

DUE DATE: The dollhouse crime scenes are due __________________________.
Dollhouses/Shoeboxes may be turned in prior to the due date.