In the American Heritage Dictionary defines Dogma is a doctrine or a corpus of doctrines relating to matters such as morality and faith, set forth in an authoritative manner by a church.

In the movie “dogma”, Bartleby and Loki who are two renegade fallen angels, debated about the unfairness of God. Bartleby said that he (God) gave humankind a choice and they choose to acknowledge God or they choose to ignore him. Therefore, a lot of philosophers came down in the world such as Buddha from India, Jesus from Israel and Plato from Greece philosophy etc. who teach the foundation about morality and faith for human being and has many followers.

Another thing, a heralding angel said that God is a woman. I don’t agree with that because that mean God has to have a husband so she is comparative. More over, she (God) created human being without controlling as an engineer invents a machine without a purpose that doesn’t make sense. I agree with Rufus, the thirteenth apostle, said that she (God) is not really a woman, she is not really anything.

When I was young, I was in the same situation as the author Langston Hughes in “Salvation”. I was a Catholic. When I was a kid, I sometimes played truant and stole candies and cookies from a grocery store near by my home, then every Friday I went to church to tell all my sins to a priest and thought that God is going to help me and nobody will punish me but I was wrong. After that I believe about the law of cause and effect, for instance, former president Bush tried to catch Saddam Hussein in 1991 after years Saddam send some killers to assassinate him.

Some harsh law which was written for thousands of years and the current cultures are different from the last so the Genesis 22 is not suitable in the time of technology and the scientists are trying to save human life out of sickness and lack of knowledge such as hospitals and medicine’s factories are still growing. Furthermore, they want to make people live longer than before like Medicare program of the United Stated.

The ancient people have lacked of knowledge about physics and science about nature like us so they think that thunder and flood are temper of God and they need to revere and build up God’s temple, for example, in Japan has penis’s temple for married couples to pray for children. Therefore, they made some temple for worship. Some countries still adore some wild animals such as God Rat temple in India, Tiger’s temple in Vietnam.

Finally, our scientists are still searching and studying about life after death and structure of the universe. Furthermore, I think that we will have the answer for those question by our scientist and answer the question of Bethany “why are we here?”.