There is a farming town on the outskirts of the New Mexico desert that is famous for its' crazy tourists. A small town in the middle of what seems nowhere, Roswell has been a spot of interest since... well, since it was a spot of extraterrestrial interest. The small town of Roswell seems to have been a crash-landing site for a UFO saucer. Since 1947, Roswell has been more than just a speculative secret. Thousands of people research the Roswell incident to try to find out for themselves if the truth is really out there. The Roswell crash remains an enticing enigma today. Did aliens really crash in this New Mexico desert fifty years ago?


In the middle of the night on July 4, 1947 a resounding crash rushed through the night air. The general story of Roswell has the locals telling it like this: a UFO spaceship crashes into the New Mexico desert, destructing the ship, and killing its' passengers. Yes, there were passengers. The spaceship supposedly had four bodies crushed and strewn around it. The bodies were not of man or animal. The bodies were miniature, childlike bodies.
The locals believe that the government had a strong hand in the rumor of Roswell. The locals say that the government had and has staged a huge cover-up on the entire crash controversy. They believe that when the government found out about the crash, there was absolute secrecy bound to the armed forces and aircraft military that were based in Roswell. (There was an old military base at Roswell; now the closest is White Sands Missile Range.) The military locked all bases, roads, and civilians from the site of the crash. A top military official talked with the town doctor/ mortician, and asked him for four child sized, hermetically sealable caskets. (Andrews, pg.88). The doctor, feeling sorry for any children who died in such a horrible accident, came to the base. Since the doctor was well-known in the city of Roswell, a few of the men let him on the grounds. What he nearly saw has him boosted off the base so fast, there wasn't enough time for him to realize he was being escorted off the base. (UFO Secrets).

--- Glenn Davis (UFO Secrets).

Locals expected the government to have the bodies from this mysterious crash. The government declares that there was not any such alien crash to begin with. The government claims that is was not an alien spaceship that crashed, but a government "balloon". Top military officials stated in 1947 that it was not a spacecraft---within just hours of the crash. They said what landed was the debris of a weather balloon. Now the Pentagon says the balloon was connected with monitoring nuclear testing by the Soviets. (Barret, pg.52). The balloon was silver colored and a type of weather balloon. (At White Sands Missile Range Museum, there is one such weather balloon on display. It is about nine feet wide and approximately six feet tall--and it looks just like one would picture an alien spaceship to look like. All the drawings that people have seen of UFO's, looks like this. The information sign in front of the exhibit says that the object was a weather balloon used to monitor the heat from nuclear testing.) (Randle pg.79). The balloon was allegedly used for the U.S. to spy on Russia's level of nuclear heat from testing their weapons. This was supposedly part of a top secret program called "Project Mogul". (Sobel, pg.96). Some other possibilities of what it was were: "a rawin target and weather balloon, a V-2 rocket gone off course, an experimental aircraft such as the Northrop Flying Wing, a Japanese Balloon Bomb, or the atomic weapons housed at the Roswell Army Airfield". (Randle, pg.5). The sign referred to at the museum goes on to say that the weather balloon on display was the famous "flying saucer" many have said to have crashed at Roswell. Fact or Fiction? If it was true, the sign and the government were being forthright with the public. If it was false, the government has made a