Do you always get the best grades in the class? If you do, you might disagree with me on this issue, but if you're just an average student like me, then you probably harbor my point of view. I'm just a regular person who's made small mistakes in her schooling that have cost her a few grades now and then. If college admissions were based solely on academic achievements that means that I would be out of contention with some of the same people that I routinely outdo on tests in many subjects. I believe that four year college and university admissions should be dependant on a variety of strengths.
Students should be well-rounded and able to manage their time. Students need to have more in their life than school work. If it is stressed to students that they will be judged on academics when they get to college age many students will drop their extracurricular activities in order to insure their acceptance into the college of their choice. This would not assist in integrating students into the real world. As an adult you need to learn to manage your time wisely. If all your waking hours are spent on the homework you are given and for studying for tests, then a part of them is lost. In the real world you hold down a job, supply for your family and sometimes have a social life to take care of. If all time is lost in studies, then you will turn out to be a person who is hard to get along with. You also need to learn time management. When you get out into the real world, if you take too much time one anyone thing the whole world will pass you by. You have to learn to balance your activities and give yourself time to relax.
A university or college should also be well-rounded. In order to provide students with the college experience they must have a diverse student body. Nobody wants to attend a college where all the students have the exact same interests as he does. This won't always be the case in the real world of working people. Wouldn't you much rather have a class with fifteen different kinds of people who you've never experienced before?
There is always the thought of meeting new people when you go to college. If everyone was stuck on schoolwork and was judged on it, I agree that it would be easier for the administration to deal, but it just wouldn't be the college experience. College is the place to get prepared for the real world where not everyone is as motivated as you are. There are guys on the streets begging for your money that you worked hard for. There are people who you are supporting with your pay check through taxes that aren't doing a thing for their money. You have to learn to deal with all kinds of people and college is a good place to start if you haven't already. There will be people who don't like you and others that you don't like that you have to get along with anyway.
Sometimes academic fields are not the correct place to measure wether or not a person is qualified for a job so why would you use this as the only measure to get into a college? There are many places to work if you are gifted in an academic area, but most jobs aren't just waiting there for the person with the best grade in English class. Most jobs are looking for the well-rounded person. Too much emphasis on one area of life is not good for anyone. When you apply for a job you are usually asked for a personal interview and recommendations from previous employers which shows that academics isn't everything. It only makes sense that this would be expected of a person applying for college also. Not all jobs are looking for someone that is great in one thing, but may be lacking in another. This should then be the same for colleges.
Some people may argue that if a student can make it through the rigorous activity of a standard like this he will in no doubt make it