Over recent years, the rate of divorce has increase dramatically a consequence of social changes. Each country possesses its own legal system and regulations at respect.

However, there is only one similarities and many differences between English legislation and Colombianís concerning divorce.

First at all, the time of the marriage is important. Thus in England the petition to get divorce require to be solicited at least 1 year after has got marriage, whereas, in Colombia couples can acquire it in any time.

In addition, it is significant the time you have of residence in either country; for sample, the Act 198 of England mentions you must have lived at least one year in England but, in Colombia the length of time is not relevant.

Another point of difference is the reasons for divorce. In the English legal system involves just five reasons which are committed adultery, bad behaviour, dosertaion two years ago and had lived five years of separation within the agreement of the partners. Conversely, the Colombian Law is wider and mentions three more causes: when one of the twosome is terminal ill (can affect the person), weather one of them is declared insane e.g. for gambling or mental illness and graves offences against partnerís family.

Furthermore, the new Colombian legislation permits voluntary divorce while the English regulation does not.

Also, the English legal system bears no resemblance to the Colombian legal system since in the first regulation, the husband con evade the responsibility of covering financially supporting to the children if he receives: income support, family credit, income refer job seekers allowance but, the Colombian law is most exigent and allows neither elude fatherís duties nor ignore them.

Despite these different, the divorce process is similar in just one feature.

To begin with, English Law and Colombian Law are similar with respect to it is a judge who decides respect the viability of the dissolution of the matrimony, if so, the special agreement must content information about who assume the children care, financial support, visit regimen, property etc.

It is undoubtedly that each divorce procedures have more differences than similarities in both countries.