Time travel, I often daydream about such uncertainties of space and time. It sounds outlandish but it really isn’t that impossible to travel forward in time, it’s “simple” all one has to do is approach the speed of light say 99.9%, for time to slow down to a crawl for you but the rest of the universe would normally age. Which means traveling forward in time would be relatively easy, but who the heck wants to go forward in time? I of course would take the much more scenic route of going back in time, which is so complex I don’t even want to get into it. Time is a funny thing, it controls your life at every turn and if time isn’t on your side it can deliver you a heavy blow. But what if you could cheat time, what if you could go back and right all the wrongs you did. One always says, “I guess its just fate how my life turns out”, yet there is always that subtle but punishing “I wish I would have known that before I did this”. Imagine telling yourself not to get attached to a girlfriend because she would break your heart, or being able to tell yourself not to walk down this street because you would get mugged or attacked, or even imagine telling yourself not to let a loved one out on a night that they got killed or hurt? Seems almost too good to be true. Obviously it would be natural for a human being to try to right the wrongs in their life, on the contrary I believe that life is Divine, everything happens for some greater goal so even if you do alter something in the past it’ll just come back to haunt you. I would much rather enjoy the joyous moments of my life as an onlooker, and reliving those moments of happiness would give me reason enough for frequent visits into the past. I love my life and if I don’t “LIVE” my life despite making all the foolish mistakes then I might as well have not lived.