Disposing Of Plastics
1. Plastics cause the environment a lot of problems because it takes a long time to degrade. Many animals have problems with plastics because of seals and birds getting drink can ring holders stuck around their muzzles and neck stopping then from eating. Plastic bags and wrappers are killing fish and birds by blocking their gills and guts.

Landfill at the Rubbish Tips
2. An overgrowing problem with the sanitary landfill is the problem with the places to put this waste. Its being put in gullies and unused quarries.

3. When specialised furnaces are not used toxic chemicals are polluted into the atmosphere, these chemicals include; carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, hydrochloric acid, sulphur oxide plus my more.


4. Some plastics are more environmentally friendly, some will breakdown after time, and others will degrade when exposed to ultraviolet light.

5. The package would breakdown before the customers are able to get them; the packets will breakdown on the stand after in is unpacked.


6. Metals are mixed with recycled plastics a lot because of drink bottles with metal lids so the cost of extracting this metal, so the cost is more because of this problem. Separating the different plastic is also more time consuming and is not very cost affective.

7. school could recycle a lot of junk but it isnít done so the schools could make many programs to help solve these problems, like by enforcing new school rules to promote recycling.