Direct on Chris Kenya

1. Good afternoon, could you please state your name for the record? Chris Kenya
2. What was your occupation on March 15, 1997? I was a student at college
3. Where did you attend school? Metropolitan University
4. Were you acquainted with Jamie Johnson? Yes. We were best friends.
5. How long had you been friends with Jamie? Since we were kids.
6. Did you go to High School together? Yes.
7. Did you participate in any school activities together? Yes. We ran on the track and cross-country teams together.
8. Why did you choose MU? Jamie and I wanted to go to school together.
9. Were you on the track team at MU? Yes. Both Jamie and I were.
10. Did you ever pledge an SSO at MU? Yes.
11. Which SSO? The Met Club
12. Were there any particular rules governing the SSOs? Yes. There was a code of conduct for both pledges and members of any SSO.
13. Where did you find out about the code of conduct? At the beginning of my spring semester, there was a mandatory assembly held by Dean Farnsworth, where we were given a brochure and a lecture on pledging.
14. What did they talk about? They told us the guidelines of pledging for an SSO.
15. What were some of the guidelines? They couldn't cause mental or physical harm or anything like that.
* Ask to approach the Witness. Drop off a copy of the School Hazing Policy to Other Team
16. Can you tell me what this is? (Hands paper to witness) Yes. These are the hazing policies for MU that I was given at the assembly.
17. Are you familiar with these? Yes.
* (Enters paper as Exhibit #5) Your Honor, I move that Prosecution exhibit # 5 be admitted into evidence. May I approach the bench?
18. Who else went to that assembly? Al the students.
19. Did you recognize anybody? Yes. I saw Pat Peterson.
20. Is Pat Peterson here today? Yes. (Points to Defendant)
21. What was Pat Peterson doing at the assembly? He was sneering, snickering, and laughing while Dean Farnsworth was talking about people getting hurt and dying during pledging activities.
22. Did you ever see Pat Peterson again? Yes. I saw him during the time Jamie and I were pledging the Met.
23. How Pat Peterson acting then? He was pretty rude. He told Jamie and I that no track team member had ever made it through pledging night, and no track team member would. He also called us track wimps.
24. Whose idea was it to pledge the Met? Jamie chose it.
25. How did you feel about pledging the Met? I had my reservations because a lot of the members seemed like jerks, especially Peterson.
26. Then why did you pledge the Met? I pledged because Jamie and I were best friends and I didn't want to lose his friendship.
27. Did you pledge the Met? Yes.
28. When was that? March 15, 1997.
29. What were the pledging activities? We first had a Pig Roast and then we went on the various stations.
30. What happened at the Pig Roast? The pledges, including myself and Jamie, were forced to cook two pigs and serve them to the upperclassmen.
31. Was that within the guidelines? No.
32. Why not? It clearly violates #13 in the university's hazing policies, which state that pledges can not run personal errands for the upperclassmen. That also included serving them meals.
33. Earlier you mentioned stations. Could you tell me what some of them were? We had to walk through dead fish crawling with maggots and pig entrails.
34. How did that make you feel? Extremely sick.
35. Were there any other stations? Yes. The one Jamie died on.
36. What was that station? We were blindfolded and told that we were going to be walking the summit of the roof.
37. What happened next? Jamie was in front of me. He started to walk the summit.
38. Could you see anything? No. I was blindfolded.
39. Did you hear anything? Yes. I heard a noise.
40. What did it sound like? It sounded like a chair being scraped across the floor.
41. Did you hear anything else? There was a really weird silence. I then heard someone say that Jamie was faking.
42. Did you recognize the voice? I believe it was Pat Peterson.
43. What happened