direct marketing

Mail Order has prospered for decades and it still continues to prosper even
during the Internet revolution. You still receive sales letters in the mail. You
still see ads through magazines you are reading. If you will open your eyes you
will see that the "Death" of mail order has been greatly exaggerated.
It is still alive and well on planet earth. Mail order has withstood the test of
time. Although, everything isn\'t profitable to sell by mail. You will see many
people online who are trying to sell products that could have never made it
through a mail order approach. The sales letter is too poor and the concept
behind the product just won\'t fly. Many of them are trying to sell products,
which can be picked up at any local store. These types of web sites would never
have stood a chance if they tried mail order. The expenses that went along with
it would absolutely destroy their business - the postage, the ad costs, the
fulfillment, the order lines, etc. The reason they have never realized that they
have picked such a hard product to sell is the fact that they have never
compared it to a mail order approach. Through the Internet and the free
advertising available online, they are able to make money from even the most
difficult products and the worst sales letters. Even though they are making some
sales through free advertising online, what they don\'t realize is that their
time could be used much more productively by selling the "right"
product to the "right" market. Companies could be making 10 to100
times as much money by putting forth the exact same amount of effort if they had
applied a few mail order ideas to their Internet business. How does a mail order
business choose the right product? The first test they put it through is that it
must not be available reliably locally. It shouldn\'t be something people can run
down to the store and pick up. It should be something unique or something that
can presented in a unique way (if it is available locally). The second test they
put it through is that it must be easy to target the best potential prospects
and buyers. People do not start mail order businesses and try to sell to
everyone. The product needs to be something that appeals to a specific niche

Successful mail order and direct mail businesses target their market like a
sharp shooter. Mail order initiativeswould not work if your going through the
phone book and trying to send a letter to everyone listed. You must seek mailing
list managers who can help them find specific lists of people who:

Have Money.

Bought a Similar Product by mail.

Spent The Same Amount or More.

Did all of the above recently.

Mail order goes after buyers of similar products. In other words, most
successful mail order companies or initiatives don\'t create a product and try to
find people to buy it. They find people who want to buy something. Then, they
create something to sell them. Most Internet marketers have the process
backwards. Creating a product and then trying to find people to buy it is the
hard way.

Use a Proven Sales Process:

Too many people have jumped on the Internet bandwagon and have led us to
believe that anything goes online. People have been selling products and
services by mail for decades now, and every single one of them has something to
teach you about creating a successful sales process. Some will teach you what to
do. Some will teach you what not to do.

The same rules, which have applied to mail order advertising, apply to
Internet advertising.

For example:

1. Mail order advertisers have told us for years, "The more you tell,
the more you sell." Yet, Internet advertisers have tried to tell us
differently. They have said people won\'t read long copy online. They have said
people are too educated to be convinced by a sales letter. They have said that
you don\'t even want to use a sales letter on your site. Guess what? THEY are
wrong. The mail order advertisers had it right...after decades of testing their
hypothesis again and again. People will read long copy. People just won\'t read
boring copy. If your sales letter educates the customer and tells them more than
the competition, then you will make sales online. Good effective ad copy still
works today just as it always has.

2. Mail order advertisers have told us to use a headline on every sales
letter. Yet, Internet "experts" have forgotten