One afternoon my friend Coloe Hartman from New York City.
He had called to tell me that he was going to move to Lamar
with Eric because they had lost there jobs and hadnít found
one that required their abilities so the y knew in Lamar they
always needed help so they had told me all the difficulties on
their way to Lamar. First he head said they had lost their
map and got lost many times there. Then they decided to call
and ask for directions and they had no help with that. So
they decided they would find a map of Colorado but little did
they no that Lamar is so small they didnít even put it on the
maps. So they found it on their own.

They got in Lamar and decided that they didnít know
where to shop, eat, or anything else about Lamar. So then
they decided that they needed to find a house or an apartment
so they looked and never had any luck so they said they would
look tomorrow. Tomorrow came and they looked and finally
found one. Then they needed appliances and furniture so they
went to an auction. And lucky then they found some cheap
furniture. Theyíre apartment was dirty so they cleaned it
then said tomorrow we will look for jobs. The y were lucky to
find a apartment cause everyone seemed to be moving to
Lamar so they finally had to get rid go theyíre pets.

They looked for good paying jobs as insurance agents
because thatís what they majored in, they looked at the
offices and finally found jobs after three days of looking.
They thought of the many difficulties of moving and decided
no more of moving. They wanted to go out and party but it
was hard because they knew nobody except for me and a few
others. So they had to go out and make new friends and find
another place to hang out at . Not like in New York where
you know lots and there is always something to do so they had
to get used to that too.

Many difficulties pusist when you move this is one of the
easy ones. You always need to look for new jobs, meet new
friends, find a place to live, and know the town, and the
problems the towns have and if itís safe enough for your kids.
And finding where schools and other places are.