Differences in the American Colonies

1) Top Twenty: Explain how three of the following factors contributed to the differences in the American colonies (New England, Middle, Chesapeake, Southern)

New England: (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island)

Climate/Economy: unfertile soil, and long winters prohibited much Farming

Thus Economy had to consist of a variety of things: Fishing (whaling), Trans-Atlantic-commerce, small scale manufacturing, and trade.

Ethnicity: Largely British Immigrants.

Labor force: Immigrants

Middle :( New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware , Maryland)

Climate/Economy: level, Fertile, rich land, and good rainfall and they mainly made grain and corn.

Ethnicity: They were more diverse then the north due to the Quakers whom were very accepting, however they were mostly Dutch

Labor force: Immigrants

Chesapeake: (Virginia and Massachusetts)

Climate/Economy: it was a disease ridden swampy area that was known for tobacco and indigo

Ethnicity: blacks but not as much as south with also the whites

Labor Force: Slaves but not nearly as much as the south

South:(Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia)

Climate/Economy: Warm climate long growing season and fertile lands produced rich crops of cotton Tobacco Rice and indigo. It had a good river system that provided easy transportation inland. The produce was shipped to England and brought plantation owners large profits and manufactured goods in return.

Ethnicity: Dense amount of slaves (NEGROS) and whites

Labor force: Slaves ( or the brothers, negros, etc.)