Water - 64 ounces
Smaller, more frequent meals
Eat Soup
Eat complex carbohydrates (rice, potatoes, corn, pasta)
Spicy foods quiet the appetite
Feast on Fiber (barley, oat products, beans, apples, citrus fruits carrots, potatoes)
Eat simply (Soup/Salad, main dish, desert)
Crush the munchies with exercise
Ask why you want to eat (avoid stress eating)
Remove foods that trigger the appetite

Aerobic exercise
Work up to 30 minutes 3 times a week
Ski Machine
Bike machine
Stair climber

Weight Training
Legs -
Squats- bar bells on shoulders, squat to 90 degrees
Leg extensions- use bench
Outer & inner thigh- lie on side raise weighted ankle all the way
Calf raises- standing with dumbbells in hands
Abdominal exercises-
Crunches with legs on chair at 90 degrees, raise head and shoulders
Crunch raising left shoulder towards right knee, then reverse.
Reverse sit-ups lie on back with knees bent, roll hips up off floor by lifting knees toward chest, keep hands at sides.
Side bends- hold dumbbell in one hand, bend other arm up over head, lean sideways afap, return to erect, then lean to other side, switch sides.
Sit on chair using hands for support, bring knees up to chest, then extend your legs out in circular motion, then back to chest.
Chest -
Bench press
Shoulders -
Sit or stand with dumbbells down at sides. With arms bent slightly at elbows raise weights out and up all the way over your head.
Lie face down on bench with dumbbell in each hand, lift out and up as far as possible.
Back -
Pull down machine at a gym
Dumbbell rolls - Support yourself with one knee and one hand on a bench and hold a dumbbell in the other hand. Row the weight up to the side of your chest, using back muscles, make sure elbow rises up behind your back.
Arms -
Pull down machine for triceps
Alternative might be lie back on bench and pull barbells from floor, over face, to chest and back.