Did you ever get the phone asking for subscribe a newspaper or magazine or from telephone
company or receive mass mail. How can they get your phone number or your information? The
answer is the informediary brokers. But that is a traditional sphere. Now, They come to electronic
sphere, Internet. The protection of privacy is one of the most important issues on the Internet
today. Internet users routinely report that privacy protection is one of their greatest concerns (2).

An informediary is a critical player in terms of resolving the growing conflict between information
capture and privacy concerns (1, 54). The Internet makes the informediary dramatically easier and
lowers the cost to capture information about consumers. The issue is that informediaries are seeing
not just limited positive value to all this information being gathered but also increasing negative value;
credit card applications being turned down, helath insurance applications being turn down, all
because of information profiles on these informediaries. They notion are the realization that you now
have the potential for the consumer to capture information about themselves and then to look to
some third party who would act as an agent in maximizing the value of that information.

Privacy is essential to assure personal privacy in the networked environment if people are to feel
comfortable doing business across this new medium. The informediaries should tell consumers what
information they are collecting and how they intend to use it. Consumers should have meaningful
choice with respect to the use and re-use of their personal information. Parents should be able to
choose whether or not personal information is collected from their children. In addition, redress
should be available to consumers who are harmed by improper use or disclosure of personal
information or if decisions are based on inaccurate, outdated, incomplete or irrelevant personal
information (3).

This some ways to protect your privacy; use an anonymous remailer. It is a free service that allows
you to send email or post a message to a newsgroup without revealing your name or email address,
the most secure way to keep your email private is to encrypt confidential messages. Essentially,
encryption allows you to translate a message or file into code that the recipient then decodes. The
most popular encryption program freely available on the Internet is called Pretty Good Privacy
(PGP), created by Philip Zimmermann (4).

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