Justin: What do you prefer to be, ‘Human Universalism’ or ‘Cultural Relativism’?

Jamie: I say, ‘Human Universalism’. How about you?

Justin: I totally dissagree with you. I’m for ‘Cultural Relativsm. I think it is very wrong to have all the world the same. If there would be a culural relativism, then every single country could have their own rights and wrongs.

Jamie: Ummm… But the life would be so much easier if every country would have the same rights.

Justin: No it wouldn’t! Just think about it for a second. Some countries for sure wouldn’t like that idea. Then they would start to fight against each other. This is how war in Iraq started. Saddam Husein objected to other countries and started to have his own rights and wrongs.

Jamie: But look! If all the people on this planet would have the same rights and wrongs, it would be easier to give everybody a good verdict in a trial in court. And lets say somebody got caught in a different country and they ask him what are his argumenst and he just says that in his country it isn’t illegal. If there would be the same rights and wrongs in the world, he couldn’t argue at all. And according to you and your Saddam Husein thing, then he could make it like ok our own rights and wrongs: we can kill everybody whenever we want to.

Justin: Yes, but I think it is much better to have a difficulties in the courts than to have a World War 3!!! And if Saddam Husein would do that everybody would turn against him and defeated him immediatly.

Jamie: I don’t think there would be a World War 3, because all of the leaders of the countries would meet and argue what rights and wrongs we should have in pur world, and they would choose the ones that everybody agrees with. Saddam Husein for sure would hide himself where nobody could have found him, so he wouldn’t die anyways.

Justin: Then everybody would bomb Iraq and nothing would stay in there.

Jamie: I don’t think they would do that.

Justin: Well… I think it is better to have Cultural Relativism in the world and I don’t think there is a way to make you think the same…

Jamie: Yeah… Well anyways I gotta go. See you!