"Normal" What is normal? One way to find out is if something is normal is to base a research on statistical norms. Another meaning of normal is what is accepted by society in general. Even though we have changed our views upon certain sexual practices (example: homosexuality) there are still some that are not accepted and might never will. Atypical or deviant sexual behavior in which you will be "exposed" to concerns paraphilia, exhibitionism, obscene telephone calling and voyeurism. These four behaviors are known, can happen to anyone and are illegal even if they are often overseen.

Paraphilias are people who get sexually aroused by uncommon stimuli such as children or other nonsonsenting persons. A second way they might get aroused is when there is a focus on a nonhuman object such as a shoe, undergarments, and rubber… pain or humiliation. Only one of these is deviant if it looked at by a legal point of view; it is getting sexually aroused by a nonconsenting person. An example of this abnormality is when the person is not able to control their sexual urges that might make them hostile and aggressive. In some cases paraphiliacs will sometimes not have the capacity to be sexually stimulated if they don't have their nonconsenting person or object around. There is not a legal problem if the person needs an inhuman object but when it comes to an unconsenting person the paraphiliac could be charged with incest, sexual harassment, neglect and others. For some people paraphiliac behavior is the only way they can be sexually gratified. Curiously, paraphiliacs are believed to occur almost exclusively among men.

Exhibitionism or flashing involves urges to expose one's genitals to surprise a complete stranger so they can get sexual gratification. This act usually starts during early teenage to mid-teenage years (13 to 16 years) and the frequency declines after or around the age of 40. So the belief of flashers being "dirty old men" is actually a myth. The flasher does not usually attempt any further

contact with the victim. So, there are no real physical threats. Victims often feel violated and bothered by reoccurring images or nightmares. There is also a chance that they might feel awkward toward the whole situation and take the blame. This might develop fears of being violated again and make the victim feel isolated and scared. One reason why this behavior exists is believed to be: the flasher, curiously almost always being male, wants to show hostility towards women. Another belief is that exhibitionists are dependent, passive, lacking in sexual and social skills and even being shy. These people may be using flashing as a substitute for a lacking intimate relationship. Although this is true, only about 10% of these cases are reported. Today's society courts are starting to crackdown on exhibitionists because evidence shows that some flashers start getting into more serious crimes of sexual aggression. (Approximately 10% of child molesters had started off as exhibitionists)

Many people believe that obscene telephone calling may be funny, a form of revenge and son on but it is just as serious as exhibitionism. These telephone callers are curiously almost all males and have the same goal as the previous behavior, to surprise their victim. These telephone calls are often for sexual excitement and the victims are randomly shoes from "out of the blue". The caller will usually masturbate during the phone call or shortly after. Like the flasher, typically they will not approach the same victim twice. Some of the phonists will either stick with obscenities and some will let everything out such as heavy breathing moaning and so forth. As I mentioned before, they are looking for a surprised reaction from the victims so they might present themselves as telemarketers then all of a sudden they switch. They may also just come out and say that they are doing a "sex survey" to get the victim to talk about their sexual experiences. For these people, the phone is their "safe zone". They may feel protected against rejection, and the reaction of fright or shock may make them feel powerful and controlling. This is what the perpetrator might be lacking in a relationship.

Last but not least voyeurism a.k.a. "peeping Toms" have sexual urges to observe people who