Development of Schindler

Chris Gillett
English 101, MWF 11:00-11:50
Mr. Smith

Oskar Schindler is a complex character. He starts out as a manipulative person who only cares about himself. He is trying to gain wealth and power at the expense of the Jews during World War II. As he begins to work with and know the Jews, he begins to like and respect them and finally helps them in the end.
At the beginning of the movie he used the little money he had and the fact that he was a member of the Nazi party to befriend people of influence. Schindler went to Isaac Stern to help him find investors to start an enamel plant. Schindler bargained with the investors and got them to invest in exchange for pots and pans. Schindler hired Stern as his assistant, and Stern will be the one that runs the plant. Schindler was easily able to start up his factory because of the people he befriended in the beginning.
Schindler employed Jews in his factory because it was cheaper than hiring the Polish workers. Stern went around and found people that were not essential workers. He helped them by forging their papers and helping them through the lines that their work papers were checked in. The Jews that Stern helped worked at Schindlerís factory. Stern brought a man with one arm in to see Shindler. The man was supposed to be a press operator. He was there to thank Schindler for saving his life. Schindler was angry with Stern for doing this because he knew the one armed man was not essential.
Schindlerís Jews were stopped in the street on the way to work and the Nazis made them shovel snow off the streets. The one armed man was shot because the soldiers knew he could not be essential. Schindler told one of his friends in charge that he was angry because of the workers

Gillett 2 not being at his factory. Schindler seemed to be sympathetic toward the man who was shot. This was the point when he first showed that he was beginning to feel toward the Jews.
Schindler was told that Stern was supposed to have been taken to a train to be shipped off to a camp. Schindler arrived at the train station as fast as he could to save Stern. The guards told him that Stern was supposed to be on the train and that there was nothing they can do about it. Schindler told them that if they did not find Stern and get him off the train they would be restationed to a horrid place. Schindler was angry with Stern for forgetting his papers because he needs Stern to run his business. If the business were to die, so would all the Jews working there. Schindler was showing compassion toward the Jewish people, but it still seems that he is more worried about his business.
Then the Jewish people that lived in the getto are cleared out by force. They were massacred in the streets and buildings all around. Schindler and his lady friend were out riding horses when they saw the massacre taking place. They both looked rather upset by the sight. The people were all brought to camps. Schindler went to a meeting with some important businessmen and some rather important military figures. They were all talking about what they would like to do with their places and the Jews working in them. Schindler befriended Amon Goethe, one of the men that ran a concentration camp. With this friendship Schindler was able to convince Amon of some of his ideas.
The Germans had to move all of their prisoners, so all the Jews were being moved to other camps. Schindler paid Amon a great deal of money to move his people to another camp near his hometown. Schindler got Stern to make up a list of all the people that they were going to take. Schindler also got Helen Hirsch, Amonís house cleaner, on the list of the Jews. The men and the women were put on separate trains. The menís train got to Schindlerís hometown with no problems. The men had warm food waiting for them when they arrived. The womenís train was accidentally routed to Auschwitz. The womenís hair