Destroying Your Health By Smoking Cigarettes

If you really want to ruin your health then smoking cigarettes is one of
the best ways I know how to do it. Smoking cigarettes cause lung cancer,
emphysema, and the one thing that most people notice right off hand is bad
breath. If you are into destroying your health, I want you to follow these step
so that you can be on your way to an unhappy and unhealthy life, number one buy
the cigarettes, number two smoke them, and number three this one is really
important never ever quit smoking.
I have found that most people who want to destroy themselves quickly
will smoke a no filtered brand of cigarettes, so let say you picked out the
brand Pallmall-Reds. I understand these are one of the strongest brands of
cigarettes you can buy. Yes, there are plenty of other brands of cigarettes out
there but why bother going threw all that money to pick the right one when you
can take my word on it? These are really strong cigarettes. How do I know,
because take one out and look at it, you will notice that there is no filter on
the end of it. Due to no filter you will get none of the toxins filtered
Without filtering out some of the toxins you will destroy yourself quicker; that
is the goal we are seeking, is it not? Lets take out one of our friends (we will
call them that to be funny) and look at it. It is about five to six inches in
length, maybe a half inch wide with little brown things that look somewhat like
coffee grounds inside a thin white paper cylinder. Smell it, a significant
number of people actually enjoy the way tobacco products smell, but they will
not smoke them. I myself find that ominously odd.
Now smoking the cigarette is very important. If you do not smoke it you
will not reach your goal to destroy your health. So let us begin with the
lighting of the cigarette. Place the cigarette in your mouth, just the tip of
it. Do not bother with looking to put the filtered end in your mouth, because
if you remember there is no filter on is brand of cigarette. After you have
placed our friend in your mouth you will need to tilt your head. Tilting is
something most people do when “lighting up," this process is what majority of
people do. Now when you tilt your head it really does not make a difference
which way you tilt it. In my opinion when tilting occurs you will tilt left or
right depending on which hand you use, then again I am no expert on tilting to
"light up." At this time we will light the end that is opposite of the end that
is in our mouths. We will call this end of the cigarette the “cherry," this
term is slang and the only slang term I know. Notice the reddish, orange glow
that occurs after you have lit the “cherry." Some people say that is it a
beautiful color. Now that we have started the procedure to destroying your
health, let make sure we never forget to inhale. Inhaling is how you get the
cigarette smoke into your lungs, which in turn (somehow) places the toxins into
your body. The proper why to inhale cigarette smoke is to exhale (letting all
the air out of you lungs) first, then place the cigarette in your mouth as we
discussed before and draw in on the cigarette. Inhaling is just like taking in
a deep breath. If you need to practice before you start with the real thing, I
would recommend do that. I would recommend doing a little practicing first.
All right now that we are on the right road to destroying our health
lets remember that we should never ever try to quit. Quitting is something that
well only help you in making your health better, and that is not the goal we
have set for ourselves. Cigarettes help keep you thin and give you energy if
you quit you will only get remarkably obese on top of becoming extraordinarily
tired. Sure maybe that only happens to some people, but if you do quit you will
most likely become a healthier person in the long run. We can not let that
happen. Now can we?
Remember the steps I have laid out for you buy the cigarettes a strong
non-filtered one is the best. Smoke them, after you have practiced