Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing has been the fastest growing area in the personal computer industry for the last ten years. Desktop publishing is a method of producing documents using a computer rather than using traditional methods. By using desktop publishing you can work with text and graphics simultaneously on a computer so that you may print a document that appears as if it were typeset.
With traditional methods, time and creativity are major issues. The traditional method of desktop publishing was very time consuming. In some instances a pre-written copy was required to have an acceptable finished product. Since the process took so long, simplicity was a must. The text in traditional methods was simple in appearance. With the old style, documents usually consisted of text with the same font, possibly in italics, but all the same size.
Now, with the advancements in this field the process is both simple and diverse. Todayıs technology allows you to do everything on computer. This allows you to make as many changes as desired and everything is displayed on your screen. The DTP software also allows you to add pictures or any other graphics that could possibly spice up the look of you finished product.
In the future I would possibly like to explore the field of advertising. This would call for multiple use of desktop publishing. I would most likely use the DTP software on an everyday basis. The current status of DTP makes this profession sound very inviting. This would be something that would always be changing and most likely never cause anyone to lose interest.

The Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, Honda of America, Sports Illustrated Magazine, and Kansas University are just four of the estimated six million organizations or companies worldwide that use desktop publishing to produce many or some, most of their documents. Almost all businesses today at sometime use DTP. So, if anyone is in anyway interested in entering the business world it would not be a bad idea to familiarize yourself with the current methods of desktop publishing.