Design Solutions for Al-Hidaayah Company


Possible Solutions

I’m going to need several design solutions for Al-Hidaayah, this way I can pick the best of the bunch and implement it.

The possible solutions firstly, could be an improvement on the current manual system in the shop whereby I stream line the manual system. In this new manual system Al-Hidaayah would have pre-printed order forms, new customer forms, etc. The filing system would be re-organised by the operations staff on the shop floor, colour co-ordinated files would be used, plastic wallets, colour dividers, etc.

Secondly I could consider using Microsoft Excel. In excel I could create an automated create flat files, use formulae and link sheets as well, Al-Hidaayah could link sales sheets with stock sheets. They could create graphs and charts to monitor stock and sales. They could use combo boxes, list boxes and check boxes for linking stock and sales and popular customers.

Thirdly, I could use Microsoft Access. In Access I could create databases for stock, sales and customers. I could use validation and verification, which is difficult in Microsoft Excel. I could create reports and complex queries that are not possible in excel. Queries are an important part in the system as it allows the manager to see possible outcomes.

Solution 1Stream line existing manual system
Pre-printed stationary – customer order forms, stock query forms, customer details forms/ details adjustments

Re-organise filing cab – complete overhaul of filing cabinet system, new filing cabinets, new storage files, colour co-ordinated, new storage stationery i.e. plastic wallets, folders, etc.

Modify procedures – improve procedures to boost sales, create easy-to-fill forms, create procedures for all manual system features i.e. updating customer details, creating new customer file, taking customer order.

Suit operations-level only - this system would be better suited to the operations level because they are the staff that will deal with new customers, customer orders and amendments of customer details.

Advantages of stream lining manual system:-

o Al-Hidaayah would save a lot of money
o They would not have to splash out on a new computer system
Disadvantages of stream lining manual system:-

o New system will still not be automated
o This system will only suit the operational level (shop staff) not the tactical or strategic level.
Solution 2Create an automated system in Microsoft Excel
Create spreadsheets – link sheets on spreadsheets, create flat files

Excel functions - Use formulae, tabs, combo boxes, check boxes, scroll tabs

Display results - Create charts and graphs of sales and stock reports, these can help monitor stock and sales in Al-Hidaayah

Automated system - Excel would create an automated system where customer orders are immediately put onto the computer and saved so they are not lost or misplaced.

This way customer orders can be viewed all at once on screen and can be sorted in to sections and most popular books. E.g. bestselling books can be reviewed.

Excel would suit both operation and tactical levels – operations will use it to enter customer details, orders, etc. Tactical level would be able to review the bestselling stock and check stock and sales as well as popular customers

Advantages of creating an automated system in Microsoft Excel:-

o Can create formulae to create ‘if’ statements for stock and sales
o Can use combo boxes to link sheets and compare sales and customers
Disadvantages of creating an automated system in Microsoft Excel:-

· Cannot create complex queries or reports easily as Microsoft Access

· As queries are an important part of the system for the management so they can see possible out comes, Microsoft Excel cannot produce complex queries.

Solution 3Create an automated system using Microsoft Access
Database – create a database for customer orders, details, stock and sales

Queries – create complex queries for managers to see possible outcomes for scenarios.

Reports – create stock reports as well as sales reports and popular customers, e.g. bestselling stock, popular customer

Link databases e.g. link stock database to sales database.

Use password access, i.e. management has all access, operational staff have limited access

Advantages of creating an automated system in Microsoft Access

o Can create and process complex queries
o Can produce reports
Disadvantages of created an automated system in Microsoft Access

o Cannot use formulae to calculate figures
Chosen Solution

I am going to choose Microsoft Access to create my automated system. I have chosen Access because it is more suitable for the type of