Describe a significant journey that you have expierenced.

A light breeze blew across my face; my feet were on the soft sandy beach. I was standing there turning towards the ocean the sun was setting, walking closer to the water a shiver went down my spine. Scared I was as I stepped into the cold, freezing night water. I looked down to see my reflection, I was totally screwed, and as I walked in more I felt like a freezer. The sun went down so slowly, the noise of the ocean vibrated in my head as I walked deeper splashing myself unintentionally I remembered the past were everything was almost perfect.

“Stacey you slut, skank!, Lowie!” I looked back as I heard the uncontrollable utterance of distant figures calling me names that labelled my exterior identity. I failed to respond. However this wasn’t unusual, I had built up layers upon layers taking criticisms beatings and threats from everyone my teachers, my cheerleading squad, the kids at school and even the people that passed me in the street. I was abandoned by everyone in town, torn apart and sorry for something that wasn’t my flaw, I carry a burden for the actions of a selfish rapist who stole my life away. My mother lost her job because of me; my father was shot because he witnessed my rapist. A man that says to have great integrity, a man who is portrayed as the moral behind the town’s great reputation, a man who can call himself sergeant.