Democracy is said to be a gift of the Greeks to the modern world. Athens was the first Greek city-state where direct democracy was practiced. This was later nurtured and developed in England. Today Democracy is almost everywhere.

Abraham Lincoln stated that Democracy is the government of the people ,for the people and by the people. In Democracy the people govern the nation directly or indirectly. India has too accepted parliamentary type of democracy. The three main aspects of democracy ARE the social, political and the economical .The most feature of the democracy is that the people govern themselves.

Democracy helps to prevent cruel atrocities unlike in dictatorship. Like Hitler terminated Jews just for the hatred. Democracy guarantees its citizens a number of fundamental rights that the non-democratic don\'t. Democracy insures a broader range of personal freedom. Freedom like freedom of speech, vote, assembling e.t.c. which ARE endowed by the government. Democracy is very useful in protecting the fundamental interests of the people. If the people ARE not convinced by the working of the government they can bring its downfall or can overthrow It.

Democracy only provides maximum opportunity for the people to live under the laws of their own choosing. It is only possible because the people themselves make the laws for them in democracy. Democracy empowers its citizens with high degree of political equality like right to vote, right to stand for election e.t.c.

Democracy tends to be more prosperous for the progress of the nation. Democracy is said to be the government by consent. Democracy is just not only a form of a government but also a way of life.

However every coin has two sides, similarly democracy has few disadvantages. But even then true form of the government is the democratic government.