Decisions, Opportunities and Focuses

I can vividly remember the first meeting I had with my high school counselor. In the meeting we discussed what the future held for me and how I could build a platform in High School that would allow me to achieve my goals in college and in life. I was raised that not going to college was not an option so I eagerly made the decision for the High School plan that gave me the greatest preparation for college. Even though my mother raised me to go to college she never forced decisions about colleges on me, but she has always supported my interest in Texas A&M. My educational goals have grown widely and I have learned a great deal about my strengths and weaknesses; however my choice in major has veered very little. My main educational goal has been to build a basis for college, while my focus of major has always been on Computer and Electrical Engineering.
I started the building of solid ground for college at Hallsville High School my freshman year, were I took every honors and prep course they offered. I also had the chance to voice my opinion at their School Board meetings, to give my technical knowledge on how they should prepare the school for Internet integration. The School Board meetings allowed me to give a students perspective, however I was not received wholeheartedly by a few members. I was a 15-year-old student telling, the School Board President and the Superintendent that their plan was backwards. They wanted to purchase computers and then build their fiber optic network later on; however I wanted to build the network first for two reasons. They already had enough computers and it was less likely to be outdated when they went to purchase more computers. I do not know the outcome of Hallsville’s situation because I transferred to Jefferson High School my sophomore year. At Jefferson I focused on my major by requesting to take Computer Science AP early, thankfully my request was granted. The course was designed for students who had taken Algebra 2 and who were upperclassmen, and I did not qualify for any of the prerequisites. Ms. Harp the Computer Science teacher was skeptical of my abilities but soon realized I had potential and that I knew what I was doing with a computer. The class allowed me to develop the logical aspect of computer programming in the Pascal language. This development allowed John Reynolds, Katrina Shaddix and myself to compete at State in Computer Science in the Spring of 1997. In every meet except for state John and I placed back to back first and second place wins. We swept all the teams all the way to state and finished 3rd for team in the 3A division. I placed in the top 50 for all 3A students in the state. This feat was a great accomplishment for me and I hoped to do it again my junior year, but this was not possible. In the summer of 1997 we had a house fire and my parents moved back to Hallsville. I made one of the biggest decisions in my whole life at this point in time. I moved in with my grandparents to return to school at Pine Tree High School. Here at Pine Tree I have taken accelerated and AP classes and tackled the challenges needed to build my solid ground for college. I believe I am prepared to enter the college atmosphere and allow my mind to grow and expand under college labs and assignments; therefore I have fully accomplished my focal educational goal.
The growing market of computer products and companies creates a highly volatile, highly competitive, highly selective field of engineering. The Computer and Electrical Engineering fields are a growing area of technology and that is where I want to apply myself. I know computers inside and out and could assemble and have one operating in less than an hour; which is nice, but I want a bigger piece of the pie. I want to design those high performance central processing units, graphics adapters, sound cards, motherboards and simms. Circuitry has always amazed me and challenged my ability to logically