Death Penalty

The death penalty is a very controversial issue in the United States today. The question is "Should people be put to death?" People agree and disagree over the issue for various reasons.
I feel that people should be put to death for certain reasons. Naturally, we couldn't execute people for minor misdemeanors such as speeding, not paying a parking ticket, and skipping school. There has to be a set of laws that we as citizens follow in the US. However, that set of laws does include the worst crime anyone could commit, the taking of another human beings life. This is the number one reason for someone to be put to death. This raises the question, "Are we any better than they were?" People ask this because they broke the law by committing murder or homicide, but we are also taking their life. I feel that if they took a life then their life should be taken. I agree with Hammerabbi one hundred percent. He said, "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." This philosophy clears up any confusion over law regarding issues in the US. If someone murders another, then they should be executed. It also helps with the idea of vandalism and stealing. If someone steals they should have that hand removed. I garantee that we would have a zero crime rate in the US if we instated this policy.
As far as alternate punishment in place of the death penalty, there is no punishment that could compare to taking a human life. People should be executed for taking someone's life. Other federal offenses should be dealt with by alternate punishment. The only people that should be put to death are the murderers. The idea of lethal injection is too peaceful and expensive. I feel that public execution works very well because it gets the point across and it is rather inexpensive. If we brought back public hanging and firing squad, there would be fewer deaths in the US, because people would realize that death is final.

Eric Vanater
Pd. 6 2/18/1999