Death comes suddenly and unexpectedly for some people. Although this is tragic people must learn to deal with death in there own way, so they can move on with there lives. Some people cry, others can keep to themselves, but in the end you must understand that a person you once cared about is now dead.

When an unexpected death in the family occurs the majority of people cry as a reaction to the news. This is a totally normal reaction to a death in the family, because this means they have started to deal with the death. They usually have a hard time focusing on other things when people talk about the death. Many people say that it is healthy to cry and let it all out, so you can move on. Although this is how most people deal with a death it is not always the right way or the only.

The way I dealt with the sudden death of my friend Eric is that I kept my feelings to myself and dealt with my own problems. I thought this was best for me and everyone around me. This way I could help those people crying get on with there lives and deal with my problems later. I found that this isnít always the best way to deal with a friend dying either, because I end up shutting people out. This is just another way to deal with death and Iím not saying itís the best way to deal with death just the way I dealt with it.

No matter how you deal with death you must learn to live with the fact that someone you know is now no longer around. You must go on with your life and learn how to have fun with that person around anymore. Some people may take longer to get past the shock of the persons death, but they will have to go on with there lives sooner or later. I think the best thing to do is to keep yourself busy and do new things so you donít get stuck in a rut. Finally, people may die that you know, but you must remember that there are still people alive that care about you, too.

In conclusion, there are many ways to deal with death you can cry , you can stick to yourself, but after everything goes down everyone must accept the one true thing that the person is pasted on. I hope you never have to deal with a friend or family member dying, but if you do remember their is no wrong way to deal with a persons death. Thereís only one way for you to finally accept it.