Dear William Shakespeare.

Terrific play! My best compliments! I went to see Hamlet; my best applaud to you my friend, another extraordinary play, congratulations. Please inform me if you plan to act another of you beautiful plays; Iíll be there.

I know how you love to write and act, but do you never miss a family, do you never miss your children or your wife? I know that I miss my family after just a couple of days I donít know how you can live without a family. Donít you regret never being with your family?

I really admire your plays, and the way you write, it is so beautiful. I donít think many people understand your way of writing, I know I donít. Where did you learn how to write like that? I have been in college myself, but I can not form a paper like you William. I guess you are just born with it.

What inspired you to these plays, where do you get the ideas from? I mean, they are extraordinary; do you plan to write many plays more?