Dear Sara,

Hey there! How are you? I haven’t see you in a while. Well as you probably have hear, a lot has gone on since you last saw me. Things have changed a lot. Mostly for the better, but still there were some for the worse.
As you remember I hope, I am an artisan which makes me unfortunately part of the third estates general. Several years ago, the king did a really smart thing and started to tax the nobles and clergy.. (finally!!) and so they weren’t real happy. I mean just because the king has sucked the third estate dry was no reason at all for him to tax them. Yea right! Well they ( the nobles and all them) got prissy and they finally had a meeting of the estates ( by time..) and they decided that we should vote by estates on whether the kings decision was a good one or not. I mean give me a break. There are three votes and two of them don’t want the king to tax them...I wonder who is going to win the vote…you know what I mean? So we the third estate got angry and we started an argument. It wasn’t fair so we did what we thought was right. Then Mr. High and mighty king here goes and tells us to get lost. He told us to leave the premises right now. So we left his presence, but not the premises. We snuck into the tennis court and we took control! I was in charge of making sure there was no one there. I was sort of a look out type of person.
We then and there in the tennis court promised each other that would not leave until there was a constitution, and until the estates general met as one large body instead of three different ones. We also declared our selves the National Assembly of the state of France. People call that the Tennis court rebellion now. Isn’t that a rather cute name for something of the sort? Well back to what I was saying before. We were there and I think that the nobles had found out that we were there and they called in the soldiers to come and pretty much kill us away. Can you believe that they wanted to kill all of us?? They wanted to get rid of we were an ant problem or something and spraying raid on us would make us disappear.
Well you know that none of have guns right? So we really need some ammo to use before they killed all of us, so we decided to go to the Bastille and steal the guns from all the guards! Pretty good idea huh? Well anyways, we went in there and I guess we were pretty harsh because the rest of the guards just gave up and they did the most unpredictable thing in the world, they joined us!
So we were ready to take those bastards on and we fought those soldiers. I guess we were to much…because guess what!! They joined our side to!! So there we were…the whole militia and all the guards on our side and the nobles and the clergy had literally no one to protect them. Let me tell you…it was pretty cool!!! We were like the power all of a sudden.
Then most of the nobles fled the country, mostly because they were scared. They became knows as émigrés. The peasants burned down lords’ manors an destroyed the feudal obligations.
All in all, the Bourbon Monarchy pretty much lost all of it’s power and name. We changed everything in the world! Who would think that we the third estate could cause such a big change? I for one and one of the proudest people on earth to be a part of such a great event in history!
I have heard the weirdest rumors after the war. You wouldn’t believe half of them! Like for instance, I heard that the king was so scared after our little fiasco that he retreated in to a Zen Monastery and took up a Zen way of life. There was another one.. that the king wanted to make amends