Dear Pope,
Concerning the dilemma at hand, The San Carlos Mission, youíre the last hope to save the innocent lives of the Guarnee. Seeing that you live the life of God and speak his words in church as well as live it in your everyday life, I would like to think that you of all people will know what is right and what needs to be done in this situation. Listen to the following facts and please keep them in mind while you determine the solution for the situation at hand.
The San Carlos Mission is proud to say that we have successfully made what you might at one point have considered savages, prosperous Christians and citizens. They run their own community here on the Mission, from which ninety percent of profits from the mission goes back to the community. Each task is done on a communal basis, even with even the youngest Guarnee participating, also regularly attend church just as any other Christian.
Without the San Carlos Mission, many innocent people will be put into slavery. The mission is a safe haven that they see as a gift from God. Would God give a gift that is prosperous and then take it back and tell them they are savages? The Guarnee are humans that do what needs to be done so that they survive, live like the rest of us, and are not brutal or uncaring. We donít even give them proper profit for their work but put them into slavery, taking away their family and beat; work that we could do by ourselves but choose not to. While still treating them like animals and not as humans like ourselves, Christian people that have learned to love and believe in God and his teachings.
The Guarnee people, contrary to others beliefs, are not savages. The only difference between these people and us is that they just want a chance to prove themselves. I know that you are thinking about how they kill their third child, but as for that it is to get away from the Spanish and Portuguese slave traders. I know first hand before giving my life to the church, about the slave trade in Spain. With the slave traders chasing them they can only grab one child so any other children will either be killed by the slave trader or sold . So as you can see , the Guarnee are not savages but people trying to survive!
When thinking about the dilemma at hand are you thinking about the right reasons? Are you basing the thoughts in mind on the right thing or are you thinking about yourself? Is the power of the Church the most important thing in Gods eyes ? The Guarnee People deserve to live.