From the start of this class to right now we have been learning about self-esteem. I learned lots of things about self esteem in doing our projects and in presenting them to the class. One of the most forthright things would have to be that you have to have a lot of pride about yourself a general enthusiasm about what you want to present to other people, because if you donít believe in something, or like or dislike something well enough to yourself, then there is no way that you will be able to effectively communicate yourself to other people. Things our projects definitely built my self esteem because it required me to look at myself in the mirror and find things that I wanted to let other people know about. If it were not for something like this, then I probably would not have had the chance to do something like that because the chance for me or anyone to examine them is often few and far between.

Self-esteem isnít just a word, itís a feeling. To me, the closest word to self esteem is confidence. I say this because if you have a good feeling about yourself, then you will radiate that same feeling into whatever you decide to do. When I was thinking about what to put on my Quilt Square and My Box, I gained a lot of self esteem, because I knew that this was going to describe who I was. As I put it together I felt good that I could make something that represented me. So when I finally described everything to the class I felt good about what I was saying and I felt confident in what I was telling everyone. This was because I had already gained that self esteem through doing the box and the square, so presenting it was the fun part for me.

Another thing I learned is a wonderful fact, and it is that self esteem is a fickle animal. I say this because it can be so easily swayed or influenced even in the strongest of people. I know that I have had many highs and lows of self esteem in my life (heck, this week!) and one of the factors of these swings can be other people. There are certain people who always try to bring you down, and they may not know that they are doing it but they just rub you the wrong way. Everybody has those people; they can be teachers, friends, parents or siblings in some cases. The thing about this to me is that these outside influences are things that you sometimes can and cannot control and regardless of what happens and who does the damage to your self confidence the one thing to remember is to get over it and move on. Life is too short to dwell on what someone else says or thinks about you, just as long as you are happy who you are. I have learned to embrace that and it is the most important thing to remember to cultivate self esteem.


Until Next Time,