Dealing with alienation and loneliness.

Most everyone experiences feeling lonely at some point in their life. Moving to a new city or country and leaving friends or family behind can lead us to lonely feelings. There are times in our lives when relationships may have to end. Maybe you have ended a dating or marital

Some people it is better at simplification of their loneliness than other people, at their concealment monadic than existence than others. For them, loneliness - fleeting feeling which visits (attends) them in cold winter days or cold gloomy rainy days when human contact becomes minimal, and they are left only with ideas in their chapters. For others, loneliness - a damnation, a shadow which follows them all time, that rears its (her) ugly head in each human contact which surrounds them in their awakening and in their dreams. Whether we wanted to agree with it or not, loneliness - the universal phenomenon, it visits (attends) each human soul in some time in each culture, each race (race), each class, each age, and always in a human history. It is inevitable, and was expressed everywhere age in music, the literature and art. To feel lonely should join other part of mankind (humanity) in acknowledgement(confirmation) of it, we anyhow are essentially separated from each other, doomed to speak and still never completely understood. Not only that the loneliness so extending, but also it was connected to a variety of various emotions. People who feel lonely, describe it as painful(unhealthy), and it is connected very urgently to feelings of depression, suicide, low self-respect and aggression. Being too long the good thing can not be lonely for. And while we is transferable(tolerable) monadic existence, we - social animals, requiring in the friend the friend, to the obligation to connect, like. It - paradox of human existence to aspire to fill in need(requirement) which can be never satisfied, to fill vortex loneliness in our lifes. So, what is loneliness? Whether really it - feeling? Condition (condition)? For various people, it means various things. It is difficult to describe precisely, than it is, or as arrive, we feel this way. Probably best question - " that is loneliness for you? " I invite you to read in pages forward about loneliness, his(its) various forms, his(its) various reasons and various ways with which people consult(cope) with loneliness

Alienation is usually described as the withdrawal or separation of a person’s affections from an object or position of former attachment. Writers use alienation to help describe a character’s loss or struggle with attachment of their surroundings.

Alienation, which is another word for emotional isolation or dissociation, is often an important factor that contributes to people becoming violent. There is a thin line between being a criminal and not being one and not crossing that line requires a lot of self-control and self-responsibility. People on the threshold of criminality are controlled by their will-power.

Other victims of alienation were the immigrants that came to this country during the late 1800’s in order to earn a decent living. They were forced to live in very small tenements that were very filthy; “Enterprising realtors either subdivided or replaced the mansions of the rich with tenements in which a maximum number of people could be packed into a minimum of space.” They were only offered low paying jobs and were forced to pay lots of money for rent. Children would drop out of schools and work with their families. Many children were also forced to the streets to join gangs and to committing petty thefts. No one from the middle and upper class people really cared what happened in these neighborhoods as long as they did not have to see them in their neighborhoods. These immigrants were also neglected by the police. Crimes that would take place in the Lower East-Side were always ignored. This might have been the main reason that drove people to petty theft and crime. To make matters worse, The Lower East Side was considered a breeding ground for typhus, scarlet fever, cholera, etc. Not only did these people have to worry about their families that they left behind when they came here, but now they also have to worry about persecution.