I learned quit a bit about drugs, I learned that there was uppers and downers, that marijuana is a mind altering drugs so you can be happy then right after be mad. I learned that cocaine and heroin were harder drugs than weed. And all the ways two say no to drugs witch will definitely help me in the future. There is 8 ways to say no some of them are the cold shoulder, the repeating no, walk away and make up an excuse. And peer pressure there are 4 kinds of peer pressure teasing peer pressure, indirect peer pressure, friendly peer pressure and the worst of all HAEVY peer pressure. I think drugs are descusting and I want to live the longest life I possibly can thatís why I will never do them.

Alcohol and bullying

We learned that you can get cancer from alcohol but you have to be drinking for a wile to get cancer. We learned that you have to be of age to drink beer and you always have to be responsible and donít drink and drive. I donít see why I canít have a few beers when Im of age along as I drink responsibly. I learned a lot about bullying and that if youíre a bully you donít feel good about yourself and that you take it out on others. I am never going to bully and if I see it I will tell an adult.

We also learned all kinds of definitions like drug, stressors and lots more we learned about to be yourself and about vandalizing. We also learned DRUGS, Alcohol and bullying. I am thankful that we learned dare because it taught a valuable lesson that I will always remember.