Cynthia Cooper

Bill Schleigal
Period 8
January 6, 1999

(Cynthia Cooper at a press conference after winning the WNBA championship for the second consecutive season and being selected MVP for the second consecutive season.) Before all of you people start asking me questions I just wanna tell you how excited I am and how hard I\'ve worked to get to this point. Well, all the hard work finally paid off. Excuse me can you repeat the question. Yes, this championship is so much better than last years. I mean last year was great and all, but everything was all so new that some teams just weren\'t ready for the pressure. Now, I\'m not saying that last years championship was really easy, but what I am saying is that this year was much harder. Teams knew what to expect from the Comets this year, and knew that we were the team to beat. If the teams were gonna play hard any game it was surely gonna be against us.
I\'m sorry can you repeat the question again, I can hardly comprehend what your saying, I mean I have a million different thoughts going through my head. Yes, the Comets are so glad to have Sheryl Swoopes back in the line-up. When she missed part of the season last year it was like part of the team was missing. Both years we won the championship for her. Before the season started this year Sheryl told the whole team that we have to give it everything we got to win the championship again. She told us that when we won the championship last year she sort of felt like she wasn\'t a part of the team. More questions. Yes, it is true that I started playing basketball when I was 16 years old. Yes, I am sort of upset about it, because I wasted 16 years of my life not doing the thing I loved. I never thought I\'d get this far. When I first started playing I wasn\'t so good. I just worked really hard. I devoted an hour an a half a day to just practicing by myself, along with my AAU team three an a half hours a day. I went to a lot of camps and did personal training. It\'s been one awesome ride. It feels great to be known to little kids as a role model. It\'s even better knowing that little girls can grow up admiring women who play basketball. When I was younger I grwe up admiring people like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. It\'s been so amazing! Thanks!