Current Grading Systems

As seen on the news, people are worried about the future of America due to the lowered standards and expectations of today's student. Going through the public education system in America today lowers students standards and teaches them that not doing a job 100% is satisfactory. Grades ranging from a 65% through 80% are usually considered a passing grade at most schools. The fact that I can get through high school with a 70% average and still have it be considered satisfactory bothers me. It shows me that by not working as hard as I possibly can I can still get by. I have fallen into this trap of getting satisfactory grades and abusing them. I find that I don't work as hard to achieve the better grade because in the end whether I get a 95 or a 75 it is all at least satisfactory by some ones standards. This laxness in grading has allowed me to flounder all throughout my academic career so far without having to put forth any effort on my part.
When a student receives a grade from one of their teachers a lot of times they get a number grade saying that they received a certain percentage of credit for an assignment. If a student receives a grade of a 95 then they have fulfilled 95% of the total possible credit. A grade of 95 in most cases is equal to the letter grade of an A. When a student receives a number grade of 70 then they have gotten credit for 70% of the work. This 70% works out to a C, which is customarily known as satisfactory. This satisfactory grade of a 70 means that on a test the student has basically absorbed only 70% of what should have been. This 70% means that a full 30% of what should have been learned has not been. By calling this 70% satisfactory, it is basically saying that it is alright for the student to not learn everything that is taught in the class. By giving students the ability to absorb only 70% of all the possible material and still receive a passing grade for the class, the student is learning that it is acceptable to do a mediocre job on tests and papers and still receive passing credit for the assignment. These lower standards in school can lead to larger problems in the "real world." If in the business world you were to do things rights only 70% of the time, chances are you would probably lose your job. If scientist conducted experiments correctly only 70% of the time that means that 30% or nearly a third of their time would have been spent wastefully. If everything in our world was done correctly only 70% of the time where do you think we would be right now? I feel that if a student has the ability to do his or her own work correctly 70% of the time and still not have it counted against them, they will learn that it is acceptable to do things correctly only 70% of the time later on in life. In the real world 70% will not be acceptable in most lines of work, granted if your job is to makeup random numbers and match them to other random numbers 70% would be excellent, but as it is most people have jobs were doing things exactly is necessary.
If student goes throughout their entire academic lives seeing a grade of satisfactory as acceptable than they are likely to carry this over into their professional lives where just being satisfactory will get them nowhere. It bothers me that I myself as student see any passing grade above a 70 as acceptable. I feel that higher standards for grading or even a new type of grading system is needed. A possibility for a different type of grading system would be a pass - fail system seeing as though in most cases any tasks or projects completed later in life are either right or wrong, finished or unfinished. If students go though their educational experience without realizing the consequences of doing a job half heartedly then it will likely carry into the rest of their lives. For me that is a