Cross of Dr. King

1. Dr. King it is of your opinion that Kit Carson was a good mother

2. And you based this opinion solely on an interview with Ms Carson and an inspection of her home?

3. And through this interview you got the impression that Sam was violent?

4. But yet you never met with Sam to discuss these allegations did you?

5. You never even spoke to him?

6. You never spoke to the child's grandparents did you?

7. You never even checked out her work or social life did you?

8. Were you aware that Kit Carson was arrested for Criminal Domestic violence?

9. Were you aware that it was Sam Sherwood who wanted the autopsy to find out what happened to Drew?

10. Not Kit Carson

11. In fact Kits reason was that did not want to hurt the child any more correct?

12. So you r entire impression of Kit Carson and Sam Sherwood came solely from your meeting with Kit Carson correct?

13. Lets talk about Drew for a moment, your medical diagnosis of Drew Sherwood is based on the reports of the hospital and the notes from Dr Sandler correct?

14. And you agree with Dr Sandler that Drew died of SBS?

15. But you disagree with Dr Sandler on the time of the actual shaking, don't you?

16. Dr. King did you ever examine Drew Carson?

17. No you didn't

18. But the 1 to 10 hours is part of your testimony that you are being paid to give in the trial of kit Carson, isn't that correct?