Creon's "Too Much" Pride
In the drama "Antigone" by Sophocles, the King of Thebes, Creon shows a lack of respect for others in his community and a gain of "too much" pride for himself, therefore, he looses all happiness in life. Antigone, the main character, didn't agree with King Creon's thoughts nor the way he acted as king. King Creon had a brother named Oedipus, Antigones ans Isemene's father. He was once the King of Thebes but killed himself because the curse that was spelled on him by the gods. He left the throne to his sons, Eteocles and Polyneices. The brothers could not determine who would be the King so they went to battle to see who would win the throne out of the others hands. During the battle, they killed each other so the throne was passed on to Creon. King Creon then made a law stating that Eteocles "who died as a man should die fighting for his country and is to be buried with full military honors." Polynecies on the other hand, "is to have no burial." Creon's gain of too much!
pride is shown when he would only bury one of the men. Creon thought that he didn't deserve a correct burial because he broke his exile. Creon should have thought of not only the bad that Polynices did but the good that he could have done as King. Shortly after King Creon made that speech, one of the sisters of Polynecies sprinkled dust and dirt over his body. The reason for this is because she didn't agree with what Creon's law was. The King found out that she did that and he sentenced her to serve her punishment, which is to be stoned to death in the city. Haimon, Creon's son, was in love with Antigone and tried to stick up for her. He and his father got in a argument over this. Creon's harsh words "I swear you will regret this superior tone of yours!" showed that Creon was being very unrealistic when all she did was sprinkle dust over his body. Lastly, Creon was showing his arrogant when Teiresias, the blind fortune teller, told him that he should reason or bad will !
come to him. Creon said "Your words are a kind of dread." And "Whatever you say, you will not change my will" Shows just the lack of respect that Creon has for elders and the fact that he doesn't listen to anyone. Finally he realized that he had to reason once the Choragos says "Go quickly: free Antigone from her vault / and build a tomb for the body of Polyneices." Creon listened to the words of the Choragos and went. He made a mistake, first he went to build the tomb, then shortly after, he went to free Antigone, but it was too late. She had already hung herself. There she was lying in Haimon's arms. Realizing that he had done wrong, "I alone am guilt," Creon says just standing in awe. Haimon pulls out a knife to stab his father but Creon moves away and kills himself. King Creon goes back to the palace and realizes that his wife had killed herself as well. Creon's lack of respect and too much pride caught up on him. He realizes it yet, still, has all these bad doi!
ngs behind him.