Creative Writing: Utopia Z

Utopia Z: Recreation

Besides being able to live comfortable and easily, the people also have
a lot of recreation to do, with in Utopia Z. All of the recreation, is located
in the recreation dome, which is located between the Construction Plant, and the
Hospital Dome.
The Recreation Dome is filled with different activities, such as
artificial ski-mountains, a swimming pool, and amusement park, an ice arena, a
playground, a football field/track, a bungee jumping station, and a large field
for miscellaneous activities.
One of the biggest attractions in this dome, is the artificial ski-
mountains. These mountains are constructed with sturdy steel frames, and with
artificial snow. This mountain is equipped with chairlifts, and three different
ski-runs designed for different skill levels.
The dome also has an extra large swimming pool, equipped with many
slides. This pool is designed to fit in as many as 1,000 people. The swimming
pool can also simulate tidal waves. And aside of that, it has a whirlpool, and
a steam room.
For the kids\' amusement, we have put in a mini-amusement park, which
contains a couple of rollercoaster rides, a Ferris wheel, and many other rides,
designed for children and adults of all ages. Along with that, the amusement
park, also has many carnival games.
Beside all of that, we have the football field, which also includes a
track for running. The football field includes a computerized refereeing system,
which will run the game, and also keep track of the score.
Another big addition to the Recreation Dome is the built-in Ice Arena.
This Ice Arena also has a computerized refereeing system. But besides that, the
Ice Arena is pretty close to the modern ones we have today, along with a couple
of little improvements.
The dome also has another little addition, the playground, which is
specially designed for the younger kids. This large playground is pretty close
to the ones we have today. This playground maintains and cleans itself, which
makes the playground sanitary for the kids.
One of the biggest, and most unusual attractions to the dome, is the 400
feet bungee jump site, designed for the older more-daring people. This site is
restricted to citizens 19 or younger, so this is only intended for adults. This
site is equipped with a vacuum capsule, which transports the users to the top of
the tower.
Along with all those activities, we have also included a gigantic
playing field for whatever activities the citizens can think of. Whether it is
Baseball, Frisbee, walking their pets, whatever, this field will serve their
Although the dome has many attractions already, it still has extra space
for future additions.

Utopia Z: Agriculture

Since Utopia Z, is a fully self-maintained unit, it is able to supply
and grow it\'s own food. This is all done in the Agriculture Dome, which is
located at the center, shown on the diagram.
This dome is especially bigger than all the other domes. Actually, it
is precisely 10 times larger than it\'s surrounding domes. A giant growth light
is also installed into the dome to provide the crops and animals with artificial
sunlight. This light actually provides a better, more concentrated light than
the sun can provide on Earth.
The dome is separated into 3 sections, designed to supply Utopia Z with
vegetables and livestock of all kinds.
Two of the sections are used to grow plants and vegetables. They are
purposely separated into sections, in case, one of them are malfunctioning.
These two sections are equipped with strong durable beams that encircles the
area. These beams supply water to all the plants and crops evenly. Besides the
watering system, the ground of the dome is also equipped with a fertilizing
system. This system, evenly and regularly, inserts fertilizing material to the
soil, keeping it full of nutrition for the plants.
The third dome is provided for the livestock of Utopia Z. This section
contains a very complex shelter for the animals, and a large grazing field for
the animals. The shelter provided for the animals, is a very complex system
designed to take care of the livestock without the aid a human being. This
shelter supplies the animals regularly with clean food and water. It also
cleans the mess and odors and animals make, keeping the dome sanitized for the
other animals and plants. This system also aids the animals in injures,
keeping them healthy. All without the aid of a single human being. Past that,
the shelter is equipped with a large grazing field, which is guarded by a heavy-
duty steel fence, which